Wynne Leonard Happy Song added on Jan 19, 2015

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Wynne Leonard is back with her bubbly self in a second update. I read somewhere that people in Seattle are, per capita, some of the most depressed in the United States. If that is true, Wynne must stand out like a sore thumb. She is a fairly recent transplant from the East Coast. However, in terms of body jewelry, our upbeat nineteen-year-old has decided to assimilate with the Northwesterner via pierced nipples. Seems like this painful trend is popular among Seattle's female youth. Perhaps also the case with the guys? Call me square, but I have never looked at my nipples and felt they needed to be impaled. Oh well, as the Good Book says: whatever floateth thy boat. "Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds" by Michael Nyman is the track in the bonus video.
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Bonus Video Clip

The piercings are great wynne, don't let anybody tell you otherwise, thank you for your amazing sets!
Sevantoisseur - over 1 year ago
tooth cracking piercings on nipples are such a turnoff.
time4play - about 2 years ago
Very cute Young Lady.Bright,always smiling and loving life...Certainly one of my faves! :)
smiley981 - almost 3 years ago
Nice ass and Gorgeous feet!!
Ralphy12 - over 3 years ago
Another outstanding set. Shoes and panties perfect.
mkalfus - over 3 years ago
Hot girl, and happy too! Cool and sexy!
davymidnight - over 3 years ago
One of the best sets
BigPete009 - over 3 years ago
andrey1999 - over 3 years ago
Beautiful girl. Love her playful spirit.
maxwolf9 - over 3 years ago
I would sniff her butthole.
Johnny Tees - over 3 years ago
I dont know man, a guy could break a tooth trying to suck those nipples. Just cannot understand why girls do that.
rockhopper29 - over 3 years ago
Great shoot. Cute under arms!!! Great legs.
chevsky - over 3 years ago
Love seeing Victoria Secret panties under stress ;)
bowfinger - over 3 years ago
The shots of her in mid-fall onto the bed are the best photos you've ever taken, I think. She is just stunning and these are all great. Oh yeah - Wynne, you SOOOOOO don't need a boob job! Your breasts are absolutely perfect as they are! Your face and your entire body is perfect as it is.
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
Great set, wasn't expecting those piercings! Great to se a return to the upskirt shots. Image 51 nice...
Wowzer - over 3 years ago
Please, no, Don't get a boob job!!! Ok, so I've been to Seattle 5 times. it rained only once for about an hour. That visit, there was rain taking a tour of the city, but never all day in one place. Plus sun all the time mixed in. People were pretty cool. Don't know what the knock is. This blonde needs to return.
axiom49 - over 3 years ago
holy smokes, what a fun set. lovely girl!
rexy_gent - over 3 years ago
strykerman - over 3 years ago
very happy, I like that. Well captured Zach
TheJAY - over 3 years ago
Smokin Hot body!
moopieb - over 3 years ago