About Zishy

Mrzishy Zach

What the hell is Zishy?

Zishy is a subscription-based web site that features photos and videos of women that I find attractive. I am Zach Venice and I have been a photographer for many years. I am based in the United States, but I will often travel for shoots. Every now and then, I publish material from contributors.

Do all these women get completely naked and show everything?

No. I created Zishy with the focus being on tease. Over the years, I have worked with more and more women who are comfortable with nudity, but I still avoid any explicit open-leg material. Bare vagina is beautiful, I just prefer to leave something to the imagination.

How do you find such incredible women to take these sorts of photos?

Finding good talent is not easy for anyone. You have to try just about anything you can think of, even asking the beautiful new waitress at the local cafe. My approach is to be brave, honest, and upfront. Generosity also helps. If you treat people with respect and compensate them well, you are already ahead of the curve. That being said, if you know of anyone who would make for good Zishy, shoot me an email I am happy to compensate talent scouts.

Are all the models of age?

Yes, genius. All the women shown here are over 18 years old and have signed a model release. I have the paperwork.

How often do you publish new material?

I post a new update at least 3 times a week. Some updates include a short bonus video and some do not. Each update contains about 30-60 photos.

Do you know that I can download Zishy content from piracy sites?

Yes. You can get just about anything for free online, even all the shows you watch on streaming platforms. The question is, how much trouble are you willing to go through to NOT support the people that entertain you? I have priced Zishy to be extremely affordable. Thank you to the many who have subscribed. You make this venture possible.

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