Neda Marie Poolside Jerx added on Apr 26, 2019

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I miss old Las Vegas and its sanctuary for my 'bad' behavior. Unfortunately, the city is losing its edge and evolving into corporate dystopia, complete with overpriced parking. Vegas is getting Nerfed to pander to generation wuss. Pretty soon the Strip will have designated safe spaces where tourists can avoid all micro-aggresions and any possibility of being triggered by uncouth activity. There are several stories of couples being arrested for having sex in the pods of the High Roller, Vegas' giant ferris wheel attraction. Keep Sin City sinful, or let's just all stay home and throw our dollars down local gutters.
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Zack the photographer, I appreciate your sentiments expressed in both commentaries for this young lady. I agree completely, they are thoughtful and well written. Keep up the good work.
rockhopper29 - 22 days ago
She don't like me nnooo
Tefy19 - 23 days ago
I need Neda
happyboy - 24 days ago
treg - 24 days ago
This girl has eyes that should never be hidden behind sunglasses. They make her face shine. In general Zach, lose the glasses on your models. Their eyes are what makes them human.
Lhun - 24 days ago
Wow two consecutive models/updates with big ole beautiful areola! Gosh I cant get enough! Keep them coming.
ratboy - 24 days ago
PatrynXX - 24 days ago
Maybe she'll be at the SLS when I'm there in June
Bejaarde - 25 days ago
Neda part 2
dave35 - 25 days ago
Damn she's super hot. Love it
Minjanohawk - 25 days ago
Neda, please <3
Sovereign - 25 days ago
"Vegas is getting nerfed to pander to generation wuss." cringe
JoeShaltbonk - 25 days ago
She’s gorgeous! More of Neda please!
room199 - 25 days ago
I hope that elevator will lead you somewhere to continue work
Talon - 25 days ago
So Beautiful Cute and Sexy. Perfect!
Bobby Peru - 25 days ago
Super QT
jayzord - 25 days ago
How come no one is slowly rubbing oil all over Neda's lovely body? I can volunteer for next time .... lol
Wildbrit - 25 days ago
5 stars for the gallery notes this time around. Well put. Handful of fav's but the standout one for me is the Foxtail sign w/ the guy looking beyond his girlfriend at Neda's airborn rump. The stars aligned in that moment. Niiiiice.
JoeZ - 25 days ago