Christine Ash The Grow House
added on Nov 15, 2018
Christine Ash The Grow House - 1
It is a complicated task to walk the fine line between artist and pervert. It becomes easier when I work with a living masterpiece like Christine Ash. We took these in a former grow house that she was renting near Los Angeles. I realized a long time ago that most of the adult industry is disconnected from what intrigues a person like me. I want some reality with my fantasy and there are certain things that can simply not be faked. I like to see when people go "into the field" and bring back some evidence of a real experience.
Christine Ash The Grow House - 2
Christine Ash The Grow House - 3
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Sexy lady
Kytrucker - about 1 month ago
damn damn DAMN; ZACK My man you sure a Master of your craft my brother. Lol!! - please MORE SETS of the Lovely Christine Ash. those eyes, that body frame and lovely derriere.
LickingVickyVoss - 6 months ago
The Ash sisters are wonderful. Can't wait for the inevitable double shoot :)
TheOneWhoseShapewasSnatched - 8 months ago
One of her greatest assets would have to be her intense dedication to maintaining a well organized living space. Some lucky guy will have a truly beautiful wife and a neat home.
rockhopper29 - 8 months ago
Such a beautiful girl. My favorites are the “odalisque” sequence, nos. 28-37
Phorsythia - 8 months ago
Absolutely stunning!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 8 months ago
Awesome set, Her smile in #13 is so cute
Paddy O'Doors - 8 months ago
Dickman22 - 8 months ago
IT'S the best set of her........................
Sergio Berto - 8 months ago
OH!Good! You came back!
Sergio Berto - 8 months ago
#22 captures what this site is all about to me - true beauty + great setting/light + great photography
Wodanaz - 8 months ago
I do like a mix of real backgrounds and normal. No problem there. Considering the malls need use, one would think this would make great photography studios.
PatrynXX - 8 months ago
The lighting on this couldn't be any better. Just the right amount of light to show off those big irises of hers :O And dark enough to make them grow.
PatrynXX - 8 months ago
Oh my everything. Get her out of that dump and into a castle, her beauty will make us all her servants.
jagster99 - 8 months ago
My goodness she is a beautiful creature, her body is near flawless and her smile is incredible
Hornytxn - 8 months ago
WOW !!! what a hottie. I like the soft lighting in this set.
happyboy - 8 months ago
Great, so long time of waiting until a real good set came... keep like this! Like old times
haposai - 8 months ago
That is some nice non-fake cream. Now, even my tongue is hard.
teezeme - 8 months ago
she is so beautiful
rabbit77 - 8 months ago
Cute girl; such a disgrace she lives in a laundry room.
Karransagirl - 8 months ago
Nice Cream Filling - 59
jdog - 8 months ago
Intensely gorgeous
damsel - 8 months ago
about 3 hours ago
gojo885 - 8 months ago
Bobchecko - 8 months ago
moopieb72 - 8 months ago
So very pretty, hope to see her more often.
Robyngoodfello - 8 months ago
The look back in #11 is totally sexy. nice set.
JoeZ - 8 months ago
F*** me! Wow! Love's me some Christine. <3
Ison13 - 8 months ago
she is a 10!
littlejoe - 8 months ago
she’s PERFECT!!
Anonno - 8 months ago
waydownsouth - 8 months ago