Georgia Ames After Temple
added on Nov 07, 2018
Georgia Ames After Temple - 1
Enjoy this short followup to my visit to the Hindu temple with Georgia Ames. She is friendly and wild, which is unlike the people who run that place. They were all butt-hurt about me taking pictures on their property. Legal threats ensued and subsequently ignored. What's so dirty about the human body and sexuality? Guess I need to become religious to find out.
Georgia Ames After Temple - 2
Georgia Ames After Temple - 3
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Very intimate and inviting set. Wonderful eyes, boobs, and feet on Georgia, captured well.
Jando - about 1 month ago
cybcar - 4 months ago
omg is that milk coming out of her nipple in pic16? You simply MUST get a video of her expressing milk everywhere
bjmbear - 5 months ago
#10 had me frothing at the mouth.
recessesofmymind - 8 months ago
Beautiful and Stunnig! Cant get eyes out of her!! CHeers
vinit88 - 9 months ago
those eyes... those tits
Gr3g - 9 months ago
absolutely incredibly sexy woman right there
rabbit77 - 9 months ago
Mmmm... milky! Love those sweater puppies
Hornytxn - 9 months ago
I'd like to see her in a more intimate setting.
takigan - 9 months ago
I always underestimate this girl... never again
LeatherSoSoft - 9 months ago
Oh, wow.... what an incredibly beautiful set of pictures... Magnificent Georgia and thank you Zishy....
proof-not-idiot - 9 months ago
Wow. More of her, please.
antithesis - 9 months ago
So perfect, love the milky boob shot, so hot. More and more of Georgia!
room199 - 10 months ago
You think her boyfriend has any fun with those titties?
rockhopper29 - 10 months ago
Incredibly well photographed!
Bobby Peru - 10 months ago
Great boobs Georgia, I wish to play with them. :)
Ison13 - 10 months ago
what a lovely Lady in a car :O
PatrynXX - 10 months ago
She's beautiful, more pics
Kblr616 - 10 months ago
Georgia Ames awww yeah!
jimjimmers - 10 months ago
beautiful lady. Need more pics of her. Very nice tits. Great poses please more of her.
Engineer27 - 10 months ago
Really fun poses and a nice follow-up to the temple gallery.
edgarallanpoe - 10 months ago
Diablo7 - 10 months ago
I love picture 1 - amazing feet. Thanks xxx
remigius - 10 months ago
I love this girl. Her tits are perfect.
Blink200 - 10 months ago
Yum! a chocolate wonder! All the right curves ;)
bowfinger - 10 months ago
Beautiful pics and beautiful woman. The expressing of breastmilk on pic 16 deserves 5 stars alone.
sad144 - 10 months ago