Bonnie Luntz Unplugged added on Aug 01, 2018

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It is the first day of August and I feel a renewed energy for pissing people off. I take heat from both sides of the spectrum. Either my shit is too degrading, or too trashy for the repressed. Or it is not explicit enough for the more thirsty and depraved. I decided a long time ago that I will primarily focus on pleasing myself. It is the only way to truly be creative. Jimi wasn't taking surveys after each lick of his guitar. Likewise, girls like Bonnie Luntz aren't seeking your approval. Take 'em or leave 'em.
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This was a great photoshoot with Bonnie...really felt the electricity of her sensuality, and with the panties. Really sexy..
tomkoma - 8 days ago
I love that her name is Bonnie Luntz. She looks like her name is Bonnie Luntz, and Bonnie Luntz would be an 80s actress who stars opposite balding action heroes.
renoguy78 - 3 months ago
billzish - 8 months ago
Please do what pleases you. It works. And Bonnie is amazing.
heywood - 8 months ago
That's a huge butt plug!! Can't believe she uses it
azguy17 - 9 months ago
Bonnie has beautiful eyes. Another great set, Zach.
JoeZ - 9 months ago
Keep up the great work!
Bruinsguy11 - 9 months ago
The best artists take the same tools everyone else has and use them in a way that no one else can to produce content that is uniquely their own. You could give a dozen photographers an hour session with Bonnie, and we would all be able to pick out the photo set that is Zach's. He has found his voice in this field and every set is an expression of beauty that stands out over the rest.
jagster99 - 9 months ago
Hear hear! Do you.
cromfayer - 9 months ago
I love Bonnie's look
bribear2 - 9 months ago
Is there a part 2 ?
lonic123 - 9 months ago
One way to make this a bit less of an issue might be to add a tagging/category system, like to label for example shoots that include fully nude, breasts, slight teasing only, explicit nude, etc. I really like the photography and some of the models, which is what drew me to the site, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t have the time to trawl through many galleries looking for some actual full nudes. Maybe this would be helpful for those who prefer only the mild tease shoots as well.
donwang - 9 months ago
Fuck the naysayers...they have two choices...
Stig - 9 months ago
I like your work because you have a knack for revealing a subjects personality... because of that I always assumed you let the model decide on the level nudity. You don't seem like the type behind a camera telling a woman to spread her ass-cheeks just a little more. Keep doing you. However, if she actually had the plug in...that would've been a surprise on this site.
kmeson - 9 months ago
Why so agressive?
Vincent - 9 months ago
moopieb72 - 9 months ago
100% fave. More pls
r0000b0t - 9 months ago
Sexy AF
Kiwidude - 9 months ago
I love what you do.
Vanilla - 9 months ago
Nothing wrong with going from one side to the other Zach. gotta go with your gut instinct. Its not our opinion that matters, its whether the model feels cool with it. You got some beginners here and some not so beginners also.
bowfinger - 9 months ago
...big up johnfive. and big up bonnie... yow! whatababe!
gpro - 9 months ago
Many clothes...
etxegoyen - 9 months ago
Cheeky!! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - 9 months ago
Did a white millennial small-scale pornographer just compare himself to Jimi Hendrix? That's why Zach's gallery comments are the best. He's a pleasing mixture of really touchy and semi delusional. I subscribed for the photography, but I stayed for the prickly photographer's musings. Never change, Zach.
johnfive - 9 months ago
thats one sexy belly :O
PatrynXX - 9 months ago
I'm a fan of basically every gallery. People that don't like the site shouldn't stay. Also, it's great to see Bonnie again. I only found out yesterday she does hardcore stuff!
edgarallanpoe - 9 months ago
She's really cute. Great gallery !
dovamoes - 9 months ago
Definitely taking her!
non3 - 9 months ago
Yeah keep doing you man! These galleries are great keep em up!
Piderman696 - 9 months ago