Julie Wheeler As Canelo Pineapple
added on Sep 01, 2015
Julie Wheeler As Canelo Pineapple - 1
Hey Julie Wheeler. I know that my site is edgy and provocative, but I think I can capture you in a way that leaves more to the imagination. I know that many will swoon when they see a fit ginger like you with prominent freckles. And those legs, it looks like you are no slouch at the squats. Yes, I know you work as a comedian and that you have been in a serious relationship with a famous comedian, but Zishy is not a porn site. Yes, there are a few pervs on there, and I often liberate my own pervy side, but let's face it, it is a brave new world. The Digital Porn Age has arrived. Your life is not over just because everyone can view a sexy image of you on the Internet. Nobody would ever tell an athletic male that he should not use his natural prowess to entertain others, especially if it means financial gain. Why would anyone ever chastise a beautiful young woman, like yourself, for utilizing her desirable appearance and healthy sexuality? Oh wait, that's right. It is because the world is filled with conservative nut-jobs that have nothing better to do but hate on women, hate on youth, hate on human nature.
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