Frankie Sedona Jewish Communities
added on Jan 24, 2015
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I am addicted to this eatery in Beverly Hills on Olympic called Dr. Sandwich. They charge $16 for a sandwich, fries, and soft drink, which are basically airport prices. Portions are average and this is a lunch counter type of place I am talking about. No waiters. Dr. Sandwich employees ask for your cash with a straight face and never seem compelled to be particularly friendly. Just the same, I am wiling to drive out of my way only to be overcharged for their juicy chicken shawarma and warm, fluffy pita. I can best compare the experience to smoking crack, or what I hear smoking crack is like. For me, Dr. Sandwich is a woman that is so intolerable and demanding, that your friends, and logic, tell you to stay away from, yet you are never able to comply. Find your Dr. Sandwich.
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