Frankie Sedona Duck Days
added on Nov 28, 2014
Frankie Sedona Duck Days - 1
Frankie Sedona had just arrived in L.A. when I was asked to photograph her for a popular nude/masturbation web site. I had my reservations, but it was a good offer and I figured that I could give it a shot. It was not my bag. I decided to bail from the project mid-shoot, but I had taken plenty of photos that could work for Zishy. Frankie is a sweet girl from Kansas who was ready to give the adult world a try. This was her first time in front of a camera professionally and she was a bit shy about her obvious excitement. These photos of Frankie in her frumpy Duck Dynasty pants should tell you something about her down-to-earth personality.
Frankie Sedona Duck Days - 2
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