Cassidy Ellis Black Label
added on Sep 16, 2014
Cassidy Ellis Black Label - 1
Cassidy Ellis enjoys walking around her place without clothes on. I do not blame her. The end of Summer has been a hot one here in L.A. Even my cat did not complain when I poured cool water on his black fur. I know you fashionistas will complain about the lack of wardrobe in this gallery. I sincerely apologize. At least Cassidy sported fancy foam clogs and dark Fossil shades for some of the photos. Stay cool. The song in the bonus video is Jonny Greenwood's "Toki No Senrei Wo Uketeinai Mono Wo Yomuna", which, put simply, is track #5 from the soundtrack to a great Japanese film called Norwegian Wood(2010).
Cassidy Ellis Black Label - 2
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