Spring Cleaning In July
added on Jul 12, 2014
Spring Cleaning In July - 1
Every now and then, I end up with some images that do not make it into a gallery. Or I find that one particular gallery is simply too small for an update. I gotta do something with them. They are simply too good to just keep to myself. So here is a giant mishmash collection. Most of these girls I have not been able to shoot recently. They either have left the LA area, such as with Tilly Hannon. Or they have become mainstream models such as with Jessie Andrews and Taylor Salem who have worked extensively with American Apparel. Staci Silverstone quit the adult scene, including the drugs, but rumor has it, she is going to make a return. Huh? Cassie Becker and I had a falling out. And the images of Erin Marie Hogan and Madison Luvv just did not have a proper home. So there you have it. Enjoy. Next update will return to the standard format and knock your socks off.
Spring Cleaning In July - 2
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Spring Cleaning In July - 8
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