Dora Flynn Ginger Suites
added on Sep 14, 2013
Dora Flynn Ginger Suites - 1
These photos of Dora Flynn have me itching to return to Las Vegas. I do not care about gambling. I do not care for expensive live shows. Alcohol, strippers, and crowded dance floors do not pique my interest. What drives me is a hunger for another kind of fun. I enjoy spectating the extravagance that is Vegas. And I love to photograph beautiful women with this backdrop. Dora came South from Canada to the Nevada oasis to be with her video game romance, meaning that she met her bf while gaming online and decided to roll the dice with Sin City. Dora visibly gets a thrill showing off her flexibility and French tongue. Resort fees are lame, but they are a small price to pay for my type of fun. Hope you enjoy this petite & bendy ginger and have a winning weekend.
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