Danica Ensley Shower Show
added on Apr 10, 2013
Danica Ensley Shower Show - 1
I am not a big fan of seeing a girl in a shower with clothing on. One of my big inspirations, Richard Kern, does it a lot and it even makes me scratch my head in confusion. That being said, i still was not going to deprive you of seeing Danica's amazing assets in the most revealing way she was comfortable with. I dont expect many complaints. And there isn't much to say about Danica Ensley that I haven't already said before. She has a sweet, upbeat personality. I see her from time to time in my Facebook feed and she never has a remotely downer comment to say about life, which is refreshing since most people on there often have some mundane trifle like traffic or boredom to bitch about. So upon editing this gallery, I was thinking, "Ah crap, she is going to hate how sheer the clothing looks." But instead, after seeing them, Danica was ecstatic and can't wait to do more photos for Zishy. She even tells me she has future shoot ideas brewing in mind.
Danica Ensley Shower Show - 2
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