Luisa Medrano Figures It Out
added on Sep 26, 2023
Luisa Medrano Figures It Out - 1
If you joined the site recently, you may have noticed that I offer a discount to customers paying for annual subscriptions with Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, over the last two years, I have repeatedly tried to orange-pill as much of my audience as possible. The reason isn't simply because I want to see BTC prices rise. It is because I believe we all need what BTC offers. Bitcoin is immutable currency with a fixed supply limit. That means that when the banks, the government, or big tech decides that you've broken their code of conduct, they can't just shut you down financially. It also means that your government can't endlessly devalue your earnings by minting more clown dollars (fiat). At least for now, you have access to a lifeline. Seize the opportunity. It recently cost me two bucks worth of BTC to transfer $1,400 of value to a friend in a war-torn country. Good luck trying to do that within the traditional banking system. Luisa is smart. She understands the difference between Bitcoin and other crypto. You're welcome very much.
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