Domino Madsen And The Thrills added on Sep 02, 2012

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Domino Madsen back in effect. She's cute, way into music, ready to go to a good concert any night of the week, and loves herself some Chick-fil-A. We visited one of these establishments right before the photos at her place. Chicken sandwiches are okay, but they don't hold their own as well as a 100% ground beef burger, in my opinion. I visited to one of my favorite burger joints today in a daze of hunger. And just as I'm placing my order, I notice that I've made a mistake. They only accept cash and I don't have enough of it. They do have a convenient ATM machine inside their small dining area. Nice. So now I gotta pay almost 14 dollars for a burger and fries (no drink), and then get reamed with transaction fees from both their machine and my own bank. Nah, bro. Not today. You did not win me as a customer. Stop being a slacker eatery that doesn't take card. Get with the program. It's 2012. Ok, maybe, Chick-fil-A doesn't sound that bad after all.
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