Ellen Kennedy Authorized Techniques Only
added on May 19, 2018
Ellen Kennedy Authorized Techniques Only - 1
I would like to think that the years of struggle as an artist has made me worthy of photographing women like Ellen Kennedy. Firstly, I did not shoot her, not yet. Josue from Houston was the contributor on this one. A lot of people hit me up for advice on how to get started as a photographer. If you are relying on my advice, you are already pointed in the wrong direction. I only know how I did it. Just the same, here's my input: pick up a camera, a paintbrush, a computer, or that musical instrument and start playing. Playing... this is all play. You can't fail at play. Don't fear failure. Fear success at shit that doesn't really make you happy. Stay woke.
Ellen Kennedy Authorized Techniques Only - 2
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