Sloan Kendricks Weekday Beach Day
added on Feb 10, 2017
Sloan Kendricks Weekday Beach Day - 1
Sloan Kendricks had the morning free and was ready to bring her pup, Cooper, to the beach for the first time. I was ready to document it. The warm weather was perfect for modeling a couple of Sloan's swimsuits, and even to forego them altogether for a few moments. This tall muse, with the Barrymore face, is generous with her time, which is good because I often lose track of it while "working". If you can swing it, I highly recommend visiting the beach before you go into work. It might give you enough zen that day to avoid telling your boss to swallow some broken glass.
Sloan Kendricks Weekday Beach Day - 2
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Sloan Kendricks Weekday Beach Day - 8
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