Laina Shendoah The Denver Chills
added on Dec 23, 2016
Laina Shendoah The Denver Chills - 1
Reading some of your comments before I write my notes can be a good thing. Someone did nail it by identifying the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver. Although, I was confused by the rest of his comment. Snowy conditions were a nice change of pace for photographing the amazing Laina Shendoah. She strikes me as a posh beauty who wouldn't typically do this sort of thing. I had to appeal to Laina's curiosity and sense of adventure. Restoration Hardware asked us to leave, but again, it was just too late. The damage had been done. And FYI, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. It is purely a subjective decision that I alone make. I don't try to see with anyone else's eyes.
Laina Shendoah The Denver Chills - 2
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