Patience Dolder Douglas Park added on Nov 21, 2016

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Patience Dolder is a woman that perfectly blends quirky with sexy, at least for me, anyways. In a couple of days, I'll post an indoor set that puts her darker desires on display. Patience was about to be married at a young age before I met her. However, the vanilla nature of her partner was too stifling for Patience's curious side. So she put the wedding on hold and decided to do some exploration through gigs like Zishy. Take a chance, Columbus did!
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She seems to be too much of a free spirit to want to get married maybe she'll be the housewife who webcams cause she's so bored.
randyt - almost 2 years ago
I love her, so much! She's not a pussycat, she's a damn beautiful witch! Lovely, playful, and f**kin' sexy!!! 10/10 points to Patience. Again...
Amorph73 - over 2 years ago
are you serious?
rocketeer - over 2 years ago
Really cute! I love the panty-pictures...
perh35 - over 2 years ago
ifd474 - over 2 years ago
Can't beat a studious girl showing white panties..... mouth watering invite.
rockhopper29 - over 2 years ago
Patience is the best model on zishy.
TigerWoods - over 2 years ago
samsung0807 - over 2 years ago
Patience Dolder is a sexy girl!
Grumpy0308 - over 2 years ago
Need some more please.
moopieb72 - over 2 years ago
julienF - over 2 years ago
Welcome back Patience. Lovely as always.
biged72 - over 2 years ago
Guanako - over 2 years ago
I'm glad she's having fun exploring. Patience definitely blends quirky and sexy in the best way.
edgarallanpoe - over 2 years ago