Viani Duran Keep It Classy added on Oct 17, 2016

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When I hear the phrase, "keep it classy", my stomach turns. There are few models that I would accommodate to such "class" standards. Viani Duran is one of them. All-natural, all-amazing. I promise to show a little less class in Viani's next update. As with anything, my tolerance for class has its limits. Stay tooned.
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Very Sexy!
gojo885 - over 1 year ago
Amazing body. Need some nude pics of her.
supermanbatman - over 2 years ago
Lovely, but thats not enough for a complete set....
Mano - over 2 years ago
wow, she is hot, more please with a little bit more sexyness
kleinerwini - over 2 years ago
super classy and sexy
joeyz69 - over 2 years ago
Weston 11 - over 2 years ago
I was about to say, what you said Zach. My eyes were begging for more exposure!
bowfinger - over 2 years ago
When I hear "keep it classy" I used to immediately think Whiskey Tango but now I think Ron Burgundy. ;D
WomenAreWow - over 2 years ago
Tits or gtfo
Johnny Tees - over 2 years ago
If you wanted to post wholesome photos Viani please do so on Facebook, but this is Zishy were we demand some more skin.
jdog - over 2 years ago
Boy, is she a burner!
blkgunnr - over 2 years ago
So much potential!
moopieb72 - over 2 years ago
@axiom49 ... wowzaaa.. easy tiger!
pale.ale - over 2 years ago
Boring as Fuck? You are boring as fuck. SHE is ready to Fuck. This is a Fuck With Your Clothes On And It Will Be The Hottest Fuck You've Ever Had.
axiom49 - over 2 years ago
Beautiful young lady & great addition to the zishy fam. Love the curves of her hips and butt. Love the perky,erect nipples as well. It's nice to that she gives us a peek @ her panties and the sheer dress leaves a little to the imagination and shows enough to cause one to take a second look. Bring her back very soon, please.
biged72 - over 2 years ago
Boring as Fuck.
Cash - over 2 years ago
Not as good as the first set it's missing a spark that sets it all off!
Spitfire - over 2 years ago
julienF - over 2 years ago
Another beautiful specimen and a stunning representation of the female form.
rustcohle - over 2 years ago
nicest non- nude set for a while. sexy outfit on a sexy girl.
hottyryder - over 2 years ago
Dude, class requires no clothes, no nudity, definitely no money or flashy accessories. It either is or isn't present. Jerry Springer's guests by and large display a distinct lack of class. Viani on the other hand is not lacking in the unicorn sauce.
TheJAY - over 2 years ago
||| The public is waiting for Rachel Snowflake. ) Zishy's photos is most warmest and spontaneous. |||
jellin - over 2 years ago
Very pretty Viani, but the sexy part?
ducky - over 2 years ago
Very nice.
waydownsouth - over 2 years ago