Diana Mackie Baby Steps
added on Aug 26, 2016
Diana Mackie Baby Steps - 1
Diana Mackie shows off some of her badassness by demonstrating one of her passions. Wait, can you guess what it is? I call this gallery 'Baby Steps' because if you have a goal in mind, never expect immediate results. Everything I have ever learned took time and effort, even a little obsessiveness. Personally, it always takes loads of fuck-ups before I get good at something. Now, when I see someone accomplish an impressive feat, I think about how many hours they had to invest and how much failure they had to endure. The trophy, the gold medal, the reward, that is not what matters. Fulfillment is found only through a painful process. We win or we learn.
Diana Mackie Baby Steps - 2
Diana Mackie Baby Steps - 3
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Very sexy, I love it!
Brengun - almost 3 years ago
@balloonhead Oh! Your aggressive reprimand made me realise my folly, oh hang on, no it didn't.
PaC - almost 3 years ago
A nice face, but is there anything else?
kleinerwini - almost 3 years ago
+1 tobysultan
Humanicus - almost 3 years ago
Tobysultan: Spot on!
waydownsouth - almost 3 years ago
coldcatz - almost 3 years ago
ho hum
Traveler77 - almost 3 years ago
Hatha yoga and asanas are really meant to be done totally naked. Clothes block the fluidity of movement and chi. When in direct sunshine, the Sun is absorbed into the body and genitals. In yoga studios or in public, clothing is definitely appropriate. A true yogi or yogini knows the value of liberating the mind through the unclothed body. This yoga workup could have been so much more healing and sensual if it would have been done as Nature intended rather than encumbered by social programming that is basically saying to the Universe "I am ashamed of my body and I must cover it up." If you watched anyone doing naked yoga, it is sensual to watch but neither lustful or sexual per se because yoga is about transcending identification with a temporal body. Just sayin'
BuddhaTahoe - almost 3 years ago
She's stunning.
moopieb72 - almost 3 years ago
Super Diana, you are beautifull so is your harmony of your routine movements. keep it up
ducky - almost 3 years ago
What the hell is everyone on about? this gallery has a sexy money doing yoga and you guys want to complain? this is Zishy noun \'zi-shē\ : photos that leave something to the imagination its written right in front of you every time you log in. if you want nudity all the time maybe this isnt for you.
balloonhead - almost 3 years ago
FUCK all of you self-absorbed CUNTS.... despite the diversity in personalities over the years, the different moods of the girls and the photographer that have been expressed visually or otherwise, implictly or explicitly (through his little blurbs, however pretentious at times...) , despite the obvious intent behind the entire website and despite the WAY BELOW MARKET PRICE FOR JERK OFF MATERIAL FOR YOU JERK OFFS.....you still DEMAND, and you WHINGE, and you JUDGE.....just wake up to yourselves....this guy gets to photograph beautiful women for the reasons he's passionate about, and gives these girls the freedom to show as little or as much of their bodies or their personalities as they wish, and you resent that..may god allow you to prosper douchebags
tobysultan - almost 3 years ago
rafael - almost 3 years ago
julienF - almost 3 years ago
Not sexy at all...
haposai - almost 3 years ago
Spot on Conga133 :)
Ragnar2014 - almost 3 years ago
I love the yoga pants, but it needs to lead somewhere. Not boring like some are saying, but definitely needs to lead to something. Great ass shots though!
Rufeous - almost 3 years ago
Johnny Tees - almost 3 years ago
I think that Diana is a beautiful model but she needs to progress and try different things not just sticking to the same format! But this was a nice set all the same but nudity is needed next time! ❤️❤️
Spitfire - almost 3 years ago
I think she is gorgeous and sexy as hell! Maybe the set was a little tame but there is still so much subtle sexuality in her. Her hair, pretty face, freckles, the view of her midriff and belly give her a certain allure. A pleasure to watch this set.
conga133 - almost 3 years ago
Oscar - almost 3 years ago
Wow. This was a really nice set. Diana sure does have exquisite moves.
edgarallanpoe - almost 3 years ago
Some things should be left to the imagination, but this is ridiculous. She didn't show us anything! Very beautiful girl but a boring set (especially when compared to the previous set from a few days ago).
rollo - almost 3 years ago
Did I just view a yoga clothing catalogue !! Yawn!
PaC - almost 3 years ago
Compared to her first set, this one is tame...where'd the lioness go?
Netdog53 - almost 3 years ago