Lizbette Huerta Room And Board I added on Apr 17, 2016

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Lizbette Huerta is a sweet woman with an enlightened and open-minded view on life. In the video, she describes important experiences that came about from simply walking down the sidewalk in Los Angeles. That is what I love about this city and more importantly, about this age. All of our diverse, cultural backgrounds and views are coming together through technology and forming a new culture. A smarter and more-informed way of looking at the world. A philosophy for how to live based on scientific knowledge and provable facts. A modern day guidebook to help us preserve our species, not an ancient text that only a fraction of us agree with. Religion 2.0. You don't have to kneel, bow or pray to anyone in this modern church. You just have to not be a dick.
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Bonus Video Clip

Good write up, Zach. Interesting times we live in now, what with the neo-Nazis in the White House. Hope our modern community of thinkers can come through ok.
Packmon12 - 3 months ago
A marvellous girl....How old is she?
Mepa2120 - almost 2 years ago
speechless...... Lizbette is THE XXX dream...
joeyz69 - over 2 years ago
Nice!!! Gonna be a part II?
FlashH52 - over 2 years ago
So fine she make you wanna slap yo mamma!!!
theone82 - almost 3 years ago
Stunning girl and photography. More of her and more suggestively submissive poses like pic 33 please.
thoth - almost 3 years ago
well damn.
whteverking - almost 3 years ago
Yeah Zach I thought your conversation about technology taking over our lives is absolutely spot on. We see it every day in our existence. I am concerned we are becoming a nation of mindless sheep. As far as Lizbette is concerned I agree her sets keep better and better. The look of her in that bodysuit is excellent with a nice ass and great tits. I would have prefered a different color though. Cant wait for part 2. The video is top shelf.
stjpth12 - almost 3 years ago
moopieb72 - almost 3 years ago
Very very nice.
room199 - almost 3 years ago
Creo que me enamoré... y que soy adicto a ella.
orvandel - almost 3 years ago
So looking forward to part 2. The possibilities... damn.
benovan - almost 3 years ago
oh boy oh my
james007 - almost 3 years ago
Everyone of her sets through progression just get better and better.
waydownsouth - almost 3 years ago
Just great I can not wait for set 2... 2 could be the best ever...
haposai - almost 3 years ago
Sensational!! ;D
Spitfire - almost 3 years ago
Lizbette you're beautiful honey, great set. And yes agreed the preface is spot on, the coming technology and science will continue to help us evolve at a greater and faster rate than ever before, & as we all know the rate of technological/scientific progress is not linear, its exponential. The Singularity is not if, its when. :)
persianj - almost 3 years ago
Congratulations on your preface to this set, well said and timely.
Stig - almost 3 years ago
This girl, especially in that outfit... is perfection.
Diablo7 - almost 3 years ago
That body...damn
jerryzilt - almost 3 years ago