Bridgette Vaughn Mission Statements
added on Apr 15, 2016
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Say hi to Bridgette Vaughn. She is quite picturesque and lives in lovely Arizona. I was there for a short trip and the girls I had lined up all flaked on me. But last minute, I received an email from Ms. Vaughn. It took some negotiations to convince this fashion/lifestyle model to do Zishy. But in the end, lightning struck and Vishnu blew his cosmic load and all my good deeds in a past life were rewarded. We took these at some snooty resort in Scottsdale. By comparison, Bridgette made the place look like a dump.
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Bridgette is superb in these pictures......stunning girl
JackW - about 1 year ago
anshbinga - about 1 year ago
What a beautiful and sexy girl you are!
izy - over 1 year ago
I give this girl a standing ovation for having such a stunning figure
asphaltcowboy - over 1 year ago
Great shoot Zach and fascinating too, since you can actually see her loosening up as the shoot goes on. She definitely comes across as a bit fashion-model style in the early shots and then around pics 24 and 25 (when she gives you the finger!) you seem to have made a breakthrough and it just gets better and better.
ohw_fr - almost 2 years ago
Quite beautiful but a little hung up?
wink - over 2 years ago
No way Zach doesn't have more of this girl. Surprised we haven't seen it already.
every_breath24 - over 2 years ago
Absolutely stunning. Mosty pretty and hottest girl I have seen here. Love to see more
zodiacrules - over 2 years ago
stunning. i hope we get more.
danny77 - almost 3 years ago
I agree, Zishy Hall of Fame. Stunning in every facet: face and figure. She (and Isla) should be a daily feature and I'm sure no other members would complain, especially if she shows us more skin like Essie eventually did.
fanTahZ - about 3 years ago
She's all about pushing the Zishy buttons. I fight between wanting her out of the dress, and keeping it tight on her.
axiom49 - about 3 years ago
Breathtaking. I'm really hoping to see her again.
Rodd - about 3 years ago
She is beautiful.
moopieb72 - about 3 years ago
Amazing... hope she does more..
dirtbiker989 - about 3 years ago
Very old school Zishy. I like that, but also enjoy the direction the site is taking.
rdhdftsh - about 3 years ago
Fantastic. Need More. Lots more.
ifd474 - about 3 years ago
What a sweetheart!. Love to see more, please!
bowfinger - about 3 years ago
Bridgette you are beutifull, I will like to see more of you in lovely Arizona, outside with Cactus etc. etc.
ducky - about 3 years ago
Simply divine! Beautiful shots....but a little bit tame though.
Lerez - about 3 years ago
Gorgeous - love to see her again.
room199 - about 3 years ago
This has to go in the Zishy hall of fame! Bridgette and Zach deserve awards. May you return many times, Bridgette!
billmurraythebatman - about 3 years ago
Exquisite!! ;D
Spitfire - about 3 years ago
Wow Zach Bridgette is a great substitute for whoever you had lined up. She looks fantastic with those long muscled legs in that sexy dress and those high heels. I love the panty tease too. Maybe a little off next time. Have her back anytime. Thank you so much too Bridgette
stjpth12 - about 3 years ago
Magnifique !!!
Alain - about 3 years ago
TigerWoods - about 3 years ago
Nice work! I hope there is more of her to come...
voyeur13 - about 3 years ago
Sexy shoes that stay on for the whole set, with lots of great leggy upskirt shots. Now this is my kind of set. Thank you!
arsmoriendi - about 3 years ago
Oh wow! I love those body-hugging dresses so much, Bridgette's figure sure does it justice. Very pretty + nice ass, 5/5 for me. Please make her a regular Zach.
Ison13 - about 3 years ago
We need more booty in the next set.
Johnny Tees - about 3 years ago
Really beautiful lady. Soooo beauty
Pytong - about 3 years ago
Nice figure hugging dress. Hmm more daring if no panties
HenryJ - about 3 years ago
Beautiful woman, sexy little body and wonderful shots!! Thanks.
Weston 11 - about 3 years ago