Spring Clean 2016 II added on Mar 26, 2016

Spring Clean 2016 II - 1
I photographed Stephy C a few years ago. As you can tell, she's always smiling and knows how to show some humor in front of the camera. Then there was a woman we will call Rhonda. She said she is some sort of journalist seeking new experiences to write about. Rhonda struck me as quite peculiar, but in a good way. She generously let me photograph her festive pubic hairstyle. I believe the timing was around Valentine's Day. And then there is Joy, a friend of Delilah Blue's. They happened to be traveling together and I was able to snap a few shots of her curvaceous figure. She fell off the radar before I could set anything up with her. People would have whined about her ink anyways, so no biggie.
Spring Clean 2016 II - 2
Spring Clean 2016 II - 3
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Is the first brunette a porn star or something along those lines? I want to see more of her.
Johnny Tees - 10 months ago
Hazel and Green eyes are a must !
PatrynXX - 11 months ago
Beautiful Lady! Love Those Black Leggings!
Tantrum - about 2 years ago
Stephy Stephy Stephy --- !!! Million Dollar Girl!!!!!###!##!# looking at Stephy is like looking at my beautiful wife... before our little girl was born into this sobering world. I can't help but fall in love with her. So guess it's good this is her only set. But...one may and will dream. Her personality is shown wonderfully in this set. I love Zishy for this. Not just pictures...many of the sets are about the girls and who they are... not just lustful, teasing nudity. Love the way we see the realness and uniqueness of each person captured for who they are. Only site I've joined that I dont feel like a dirty old man browsing. I share all with my love so that is important. So enjoy this site.
Voyageart - over 2 years ago
what a magnificent bOOty Stephy!!
joeyz69 - over 2 years ago
Pic 9 - Grrl, you're merkin me crazy.
pimpmytechnodrome - over 2 years ago
Pic 43 is that a little batter ousing out...beautiful
muttley - over 2 years ago
Hooray, pussy!
matt1001 - over 2 years ago
Steph is legendary...she needs to be invited back on a regular basis.
Diablo7 - over 2 years ago
Rental-car desks with no lines get me hard.
Heliosphere - over 2 years ago
Wow wow wow is about all I can say Zach. Stephy has one of the best curvy bodies I have seen of this site in a long time. Her boobs and her ass are out of this world and she knows how to use them. Great shots of her hot box too with the heart shaped pubic hair. Have her back as many times as you can.
stjpth12 - over 2 years ago
what a personality. what a body! I think I just died.
someonehotter - over 2 years ago
Good lord get Stephy back here as soon as possible!
Bradley2099 - over 2 years ago
Wow wow wow!! Please get Stephy back very soon ;D
Spitfire - over 2 years ago
Love the pics of the beautiful Stephy C. She, along with Emmy Sinclair, help make me proud to be a Hoosier. Way to represent the great state of Indiana.
biged72 - over 2 years ago
Zishy we need more of green eyes!
Bichi - over 2 years ago