Stella Cox in Portugal Park
added on Mar 22, 2016
Stella Cox in Portugal Park - 1
These photos of Stella Cox were taken in Portugal. No, I have never been to this lovely country. What happened is that photographer, Michael White, contacted me with a proposal. He already had Stella flying in from London, so how about he try his hand at shooting a few updates of her for Zishy? I was hesitant because I get this sort of proposal quite often. Photographers want to shoot for Zishy, but never follow through with the execution. Yes, I am willing to purchase worthy material of great girls, but the photographer will have to first do it on spec, just how I always do. And of course, I will nitpick the results, as I do with my own work. Please vote and leave feedback to the first Zishy gallery to ever be produced by an associate photographer. Thank you, Michael.
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Gateway : Super cute! #23 is a favorite. 10 months ago
Kailan91 : if a girl is around my age - or like her exactly in my age - things get personal for me. and i hate that she doesnt look like a cheap whore, but she is in reality. over 2 years ago
blainsbrains : Hey Zach were you raised by Puritans and beaten if you looked at a woman the wrong way? I was born and raised 90 minutes North of Salem MA and I think you're an uptight prude. NM the guys/gals who are offended if the woman they look at isn't covered from head to toe. This woman is HOTTT and I'd love to see more of her...more galleries, less clothes :D over 3 years ago
Amorph73 : Stella so stunning and desirable in this gallery! She has cute smiling face, beautiful long hair, slightly plump body and brutal boobs. She's so elegant and eye catching in this dress! But, in her perfect lingerie she's simply devastating and truly irresistible: I'm collapsed within a few seconds! ;) The pics from 47 to 49 are amazing, and the 50th killin' me. I love that chick! almost 4 years ago
moopieb72 : She's a dirty girl on the web. over 4 years ago
axiom49 : props to Zach for not being a control freak. to an extent. Also say "by far the best looking" is a bit superlative. But She Is Awesome. over 4 years ago
Pytong : She is soooooo lovely almost 5 years ago
wonka808 : Pretty girl, dress, bare legs, heels, upskirt. Great set! almost 5 years ago
hubbahubba : more more more almost 5 years ago
princefan79 : Nice work, peeps! These shots definitely fit in with the program. almost 5 years ago
bfamily202 : By far the Best looking girl on the site so far, please bring her back, lots of times. I would like to see her less made up and a more natural look. Again, please bring her back. almost 5 years ago
ms211866 : Phenomenal, more of this for sure! almost 5 years ago
kleinerwini : oh what a pretty lady, more please, more ... almost 5 years ago
Rodd : She's fucking perfect! We need more of her for certain with priority on dresses/upskirts. almost 5 years ago
pusiecat : keep this guy on i think he did gr8....however i wish the girl was less made up and appeared more natural girl next door look (less make up specifically)apart from that goddess tits and nice cock sucking lips....or mayb it was the red lip stick?(hot hot!) almost 5 years ago
swaghouse : At a complete loss of words! Wow! almost 5 years ago
hubbahubba : superb set, gorgeous girl almost 5 years ago
jukd22 : Awesome lady and great pics! Love It! almost 5 years ago
thoth : Fantastic set, well done Michael. Stella Fox is a complete babe. She's got it all going on. More pics of her please. almost 5 years ago
stjpth12 : Big props to Michael for a great looking set with a beautiful woman. Stella has got a great body. Love those legs ass and tits. The panties were a great touch too. The setting in the park was a great background of this set. Have her back again and have Michael shoot again. almost 5 years ago
rockhopper29 : What a fox is Stella Cox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is definitely Grade A prime. almost 5 years ago
Bradley2099 : This is a nice set and Stella is a knock out. almost 5 years ago
etxegoyen : Photos & video taken in Duarte Pacheco Park, in Loulé, near Faro, Portugal. almost 5 years ago
Maserlu : Good Job. Excelent set of photos. Stella is very hot. 5 stars of course. almost 5 years ago
moopieb72 : Nice looking. almost 5 years ago
Stig : Props to Michael. I particularly enjoy the sequence of photos in this set. Speaking strictly for myself I would like to see this format used on a regular basis, that is candid outside photos, bending over from waist, etc. feet shown for the fetish guys then moving indoor for the most intimate poses laying on the bed in the Zishy style. almost 5 years ago
2juta4 : She's gorgeous, the park is gorgeous, the photos seem well shot, nice playfulness—all in all very enjoyable and very much on brand for Zishy. Well done, Syella and Michael. almost 5 years ago
Spitfire : Intersrella not how it is really spelled but a play on words I think it sums up just how beautiful Stella is! ;D almost 5 years ago
waydownsouth : Oh man, I do like Stella! almost 5 years ago
bowfinger : This is natural for Michael White. If you look at his website Girlfolio, you can see that Zach and Mike are speaking the same language. Zach is more gonzo. Stella's a great babe. almost 5 years ago
haposai : Great so hot!! Come on let us have a part 2 !! So damn hot! almost 5 years ago
arsmoriendi : 5 Stars. Beautiful candid style photography with beautiful lighting, beautiful model, great legs and upskirt shots and great tease. Seems like a proper Zishy set to me :) almost 5 years ago
cranky : Great to see this set on ZISHY. I hope you enjoy the set as much as we enjoyed shooting it! (Michael) almost 5 years ago
joeyz69 : absolutely magnificent Stella....miss ultra stunning body...lovely face and killer bOObs.. i love her almost 5 years ago
PaC : Yeah ok, the photographer could have captured more tease, especially using her boobs, looking at pantie fronts is no longer exciting, its all about the near revealing angle/view of something tasty. And why do gorgeous women wear makeup? Clay on the face is all it is, masking something beautiful underneath. almost 5 years ago
TheJAY : I'm gonna rate this one 5 stars before even looking at it, simply because Stella is one of my favourite British glamour models, like ever almost 5 years ago
mcwojek : gorgeous girl, sweet lingerie on beautiful body, just amazing almost 5 years ago