Natalie Austin Dress Test added on Feb 13, 2016

Natalie Austin Dress Test - 1
Natalie Austin performs a stress test on this American Apparel dress. It passes, but I believe her curvaceous figure might have left a permanent imprint. I know there was some imprinting done on my mind. When I was taking these I noticed an interesting feature of Natalie's figure. She asked, "You didn't notice that before?" Nope. Then I assured her that many people are huge fans of asymmetry. Henry Mancini's "Lujon" is the song in the bonus video.
Natalie Austin Dress Test - 2
Natalie Austin Dress Test - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

Lovely and beautiful. I love you Natalie
carlosweb10 - 3 months ago
Gr3g - 4 months ago
Hi baby
Dickman22 - 5 months ago
If the deranged "grab em by the pussy " Trump ever saw her, he would try to buy her like he does all his extra pussy while Melania looks the other way. Stay clear Natalie
rockhopper29 - 6 months ago
Natalie, Lanie and just a few others are my most fac girls (and the girls i have a really big crush into) so sad i cannot find more of Natalie anywhere else and sad that she stopped doing pics for this site. I ADORE ad LOVE her. But at least i am very happy she didnt do porn. - unlike Lanie, which i still hate her for.
Kailan91 - 6 months ago
tres beau corps
dela - 9 months ago
Gorgeous girl. Will she ever return?
iFunkyMunky - 11 months ago
Definitely a STRESS TEST body
beecindy4ever - about 1 year ago
my mouth is still wide open wow!
littlejoe - about 1 year ago
A Dream!
gojo885 - about 1 year ago
damn that white dress is a HEAD TURNER for sure
bjmbear - over 1 year ago
Incredible body! She's very exciting!
Tinguy - about 2 years ago
Unbelievable Cruelty,what a darling what a dress xx
BABESDOG - about 2 years ago
This girl is gorgeous!
wanacito2000 - about 2 years ago
One of the best!
CART - about 2 years ago
The girl of my dreams, the eighth wonder of the world, she is absolutely fantastic! Her breast and figure are georgeus. Very, very sexy and beautiful girl...
cinnic - about 2 years ago
awesome girl
Leomatters - over 2 years ago
A friend and myself were looking at these sooo yummy pictures of Natalie. Not to mention how beautiful and sexy looking she is in this dress! Now my "friend" has me on a mission today to get this same dress to wear for me...Dammnnnn...Awesome set Zishy! Awesome pics Natalie!
klona - over 2 years ago
you finally show me a nice pussy shot at the end of the video...and its a millisecond long. bummer
time4play - over 2 years ago
The Miner - over 2 years ago
kcimsan - over 2 years ago
Ball7 - almost 3 years ago
Probably the sexiest woman on here. More please!!!
LemmeWatch - almost 3 years ago
nice little edit magic on the video with the music. love her 'ready to fuck' look.
axiom49 - almost 3 years ago
Amazing young woman - more of her please!
echo - almost 3 years ago
There are a LOT of great sets on here, but I just keep coming back to this one. Amazing in every way
bangbang38 - about 3 years ago
Very sexy.
carllfraank - about 3 years ago
Gah damn love a thick girl
treg - about 3 years ago
Here we go again!!! ...Zach does listen!!! ..I swear there are more and more of these "sun through" dress shots in the pic sets than ever before. And to be honest i never see them anywhere else...except in maybe "candid" shots in silly voyeur websites...thanks buddy!! Much prefer carfeully taken pics here at Zishy === "Duffman says Oh YEAH!" and thank u (again) lovely lovely Nat ;)
smiley981 - about 3 years ago
That smirk in pic 61. Natalie Austin, as many have said, is the best model on the site. And that's saying a lot because every model on this site is excellent. Well done, Natalie and Zach, and perfect finish to the video.
caveman7 - about 3 years ago
If Zishy had a magazine she should be on the cover of each issue.
weblawless - about 3 years ago
Quite possibly my favorite zishy album 2 date :) :)
pablosoze - about 3 years ago
Natalie Austin is the best model here! Keep bringing her back pleeeeeease!
Rufeous - about 3 years ago
That what-are-you-waiting-for look in #55 says it all: amazing.
Taffy Lewis - about 3 years ago
I don't want to say that she has an absolutely PERFECT body buuut about as close as possible!
ILikeMoneyandPorn - about 3 years ago
I think I'm in love with her
kidego - about 3 years ago
moopieb72 - about 3 years ago
Love your curves Natalie !
Jimslink - about 3 years ago
She's unbelievable
whteverking - about 3 years ago
She is literally breathtaking. I had to actually remember to breathe while perusing her pics.
MixnMingle - about 3 years ago
Brick House! "36, 24, 36 what a winning hand."
MixnMingle - about 3 years ago
SHE IS PERFECT!!!! 10 out of 10
MegaNerd09 - about 3 years ago
Everything that drives me crazy on a girl... Natalie has it! ! ! And Zach I admire your work, it seems that you manage to transmit the girl's charisma to us at such a high level that would only apear after hours/months spent with them in real life ! I dream that you need an assistant in Europe...
Pacorabo - about 3 years ago
doctor octagon - about 3 years ago
Love the bending over in pic 35. She is waiting for me (:
Johnny Tees - about 3 years ago
whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuttttttttt?!?!? unbelievable heat!!!
gpro - about 3 years ago
hand in panties....awesome!!!
beeger - about 3 years ago
Great set Zach. Natalie is such a beautiful model. Her body is absolutely perfect. I like women with curves like my girlfriend and Natalie and she has some pretty good ones. Have her back as many times as you want. Keep it up. Great video too.
stjpth12 - about 3 years ago
Very nice
manalive - about 3 years ago
TigerWoods - about 3 years ago
Natalie you are a very very hot young lady the last 12 photos of this set are just so sexy....BOOM!! ;D
Spitfire - about 3 years ago
Wow... She's been my favourite model on this site for a while, but I must say this gallery is top notch. Ms. Austin knows exactly how to look good in front of the camera, the lighting is wonderful, and the music in the video was perfection. Everything in this shoot just came together to make an outstanding set. I'm glad to be a part of Zishy, the level of quality is off the charts, as usual!
loveboat - about 3 years ago
Dangerous beauty!! ;D
Spitfire - about 3 years ago
And the Devil came up to me and asked " Would you sell your soul for eternity to sleep with this woman for one night? I looked him straight in the eye and said " ABSOLUTELY"
happyboy - about 3 years ago
Seductive !!! Perfect choice of music !!!! What a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN !!!
tagsu3 - about 3 years ago
strykerman - about 3 years ago
Fabulous set <3
arsmoriendi - about 3 years ago
wow..WOW!!!! She is my favorite model on this site. Its that steamy look she can give along with those awesome curves. Another great photo set of her. Good job!
happyboy - about 3 years ago
She definitely has it going. Great set and video.
waydownsouth - about 3 years ago
Wonder of nature!!!
joeyz69 - about 3 years ago
I admire any guy who can spend a day with such naked beauty, take pictures and videos of her and still keep his dick in his pants. Wow. Natalie is the epitome of a real woman. Gorgeous
tutubi77 - about 3 years ago
Natalie as millions of men have probably already told you and is obvious to anyone with a brain and a set of eyes, you are perfection, period. :)
persianj - about 3 years ago
One of my all time Favorites and wearing white, my mind is blown! Oh, and it's skin tight white.
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
FAVOURITE. gorgeous.
Honorius - about 3 years ago
Thanks dude, always great to see her.
Drewby - about 3 years ago
Holy s.....WOW!
Ison13 - about 3 years ago
It's about damn time you bring your absolute best model back!
rollo - about 3 years ago
Here we are again, a real woman's body, beautiful Natalie. Curves, soft titties. She is ideal and grade A prime.
rockhopper29 - about 3 years ago
dear god, I'm in love...
fmj1987 - about 3 years ago