Deirdre Collins Tough Love added on Jan 13, 2016

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You might remember this beauty, Deirdre Collins, the tough-ass rugby player from a nearby public university. I will give you a hint which one, it starts with a U. The other day, a couple of subscribers commented on the last update. They took issue with the slight physique of Alex. I get it. It's not your thing, but there's no need to insult a girl on here. If you would not say it to her own face, you do not have to say it here. They often read the comments. Wouldn't you if you were the subject? All people (yes, even women) should be shown a bit of respect and emotional consideration. Right? Anyways, I delete comments like that. You can always message me directly or down-vote a gallery if it is not your thing. There are better things to do than inflict pain on another soul in this universe. That is not my thing, so I will kindly delete those unkind remarks at my own discretion. Enjoy Deirdre if she is your thing.
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Pic #25 just gives me the idea of having a 69. Hmmm, what a beauty!
ZIZI - 4 months ago
tough love perfect title. its really tough to stand those pics of her without touching, tasting and smelling her. :(
Kailan91 - 6 months ago
I would love to marry a woman with a body and beauty like hers
Hornytxn - almost 2 years ago
I'd love to see more of this beautiful woman. I love her curves.
goodlife - almost 2 years ago
beautiful.....thank you
Henchman07 - about 2 years ago
Beautiful. Face . . . beautiful body. . . . love them curves . . . great set with a great. model . . . please more
greywolf - about 2 years ago
Lovely and sweet curves, more of her please!
cinnic - about 2 years ago
Absolutely lovely! Hope she calls you back for more shoots soon!!!
Parsboi - over 2 years ago
I love the body shape and size. 10/10
RobRoy - over 2 years ago you in those panties
chorizo - over 2 years ago
Absolute perfection!
filthandfun - over 2 years ago
Beautiful curvy girl ! And this transparent panties of her are so teasing ! Love Deirdre and want shots and video with her more !
bbm3 - almost 3 years ago
Dierdre, you are perfect in every way.....especially your own. You may or may not like some of the mushy stuff you see on here, but I just want to go on record to say that I would be honored if I had such a beautiful lady as yourself as my lady.
biged72 - almost 3 years ago
She's a dream. Great boobs, lovely eyes and oh so sexy hair. I can only begin to imagine what it would feel like to wrap myself around her. More please
Hog - almost 3 years ago
Proof positive that a woman can be both athletic and sexy.
larryfine - almost 3 years ago
Why are the lights coming out of her shoulders and head? Poor photography.
robbie - almost 3 years ago
She is Beautiful! I would love to see more!
Combat18 - about 3 years ago
Incredible body, we need more of this beauty!
elbore8 - about 3 years ago
yes please!! sex on a stick.... :) and lovely to boot.
smiley981 - about 3 years ago
In love with Deirdre <3<3<3 I hope to find more more more of her when I click 'More of Deirdre Collins' button :-)
TheDude - about 3 years ago
It's Funny that people have to be haters here. I love Alex Mae to Gwen Stanberg with Carol Jasabe, Jade Coulture Madison Luvv and Gracie Thibble all in-between. There are less than a handful of ladies here I don't find attractive to me and yet in those sets of theirs I find a sexy woman due to your talented shots. So keep all of them coming, whoever you find. Espcially that girl who was too young last year but should be old enough this summer!
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
Reminds me of Chelsea Waltzer. They could be soft and round sisters, Beautiful.
rockhopper29 - about 3 years ago
Hot damn. More please!
weblawless - about 3 years ago
Sexy without even trying!
MixnMingle - about 3 years ago
Love the way she teases with those panties. And I also love the variety of models and settings we see on this site. I don't care if they're skinny or curvy, tall or short, dark or light, purple or poka-dot, so long as they're captured by your lens and leave me breathless. You keep that variety-train chugging down the tracks, Zack. I'm on board!
maxwolf9 - about 3 years ago
Dierdre, you are a very beautiful young lady with 'killer' looks. I mean that in the best way of course. Stay that way. Please!!! ;)
biged72 - about 3 years ago
pale.ale - about 3 years ago
I think she's super sexy, would love to see more
davesp123 - about 3 years ago
I don't see anything wrong with her. She a big,sexy girl, but an active big,sexy girl. which is good. And big girls don't cry, they kick ass. She would be perfect for Cosmid.
bowfinger - about 3 years ago
Yummy!!! One of my favorites!!!
mb110569 - about 3 years ago
YAY! One of my favorite Zishy models came back! And this set is incredible! Please shoot with her again soon!!! Deirdre, I may have trouble spelling your name, but you are perfection...
arsmoriendi - about 3 years ago
I like to see that she can pull off sexy and sensual as well as tough. What an amazingly curvy body. The tease with the bra and panties was outstanding. Definitely shoot more of her in the future
stjpth12 - about 3 years ago
Outstanding. Just from the top row of pics it was already an absolute 5 out of 5 for me. Those curves speak to me.
Diablo7 - about 3 years ago
Deirdre you are absolutely beautiful honey, even though you probably hear this all the time its ok I wanted to just say it again anyway, great set as usual.
persianj - about 3 years ago
The BEST aspect of this site, is, when not exhibiting porn stars; it's shows EVERYDAY AVERAGE girls. These ladies are far more beautiful than the insecure self-absorbed attention whores on TV.
greatness33 - about 3 years ago
She is easily one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen. Zach, I'm so glad you're doing something about the jerks on here. I'd looooove to see LOTS more of Diedre!
billmurraythebatman - about 3 years ago
I really don't get why guys have to objectify the models with comments about getting their tits out or be derogitory by calling them chubby or thick. She is a beautiful girl. Her size is irrelevant. Isn't this site about tease, beauty and appreciation? Where is the need for debauchery and narrow mindedness? Be a gent, not an oaf
tutubi77 - about 3 years ago
Wonderful example of a real and beautiful woman. Hope to see more sets of you. Gorgeous!!! Xx
tutubi77 - about 3 years ago
Photo 31 is fantastic Deirdre looks like she is about to grab us and pull us into her beautiful boobs ;D
Spitfire - about 3 years ago
Always blu-ballin with the red heads...smh.
moopieb72 - about 3 years ago
Chubby and sexy. Very nice girl but need to see her beautiful tits without bra also
Maserlu - about 3 years ago
You guys don't know what curvy is.
Johnny Tees - about 3 years ago
She is the definition of a curvy beauty! I'd definitely like to see more of Deirdre. Keep up the good work!
jsquared73 - about 3 years ago
Couldn't agree more with your comments Zach, Deidre is beautiful and so is Alex. I guess there are a lot of selfish and immature people out there who don't care about hurting someone else's feelings just because it's on the Internet. Love your work by the way, keep it up!
Brengun - about 3 years ago
Deirdre You are a truly amazing model and a proper women too there is nothing like a sexy woman who plays the fantastic game of rugby! ;D
Spitfire - about 3 years ago
Beautiful model with curves, more please
jdaddy - about 3 years ago
Far-cue, see sarcasm
Zach Venice - about 3 years ago
Lookabinn2 - about 3 years ago
Beauiful model who also plays one of the worlds greatest games... More please.
TigerWoods - about 3 years ago
Good thing this dude addressed the you know what I won't even say it. More importantly: damn this chick is fine!
Elcachorro - about 3 years ago
Lovely curvy woman. More needed!
DT - about 3 years ago
MegaNerd09 - about 3 years ago
fmj1987 - about 3 years ago
"All people - even women". Wow.
far-cue - about 3 years ago
Zach, thanks for putting these disrespectful, ungrateful woman hating assholes straight. And thanks Deirdre for posing. You are sexy as hell.
grizzlybear33 - about 3 years ago
She's my thing! Super sexy
whteverking - about 3 years ago
Great shots, I bet the lady would be a handful if she was riled, thks to both chz d
dazza44 - about 3 years ago
Freaking tell me Zach, keep up the good work
Ironborn - about 3 years ago
fantastic, what a body!
Honorius - about 3 years ago
Curves, curves, and more curves. Ms. Collins deserves to be seen more. Beautiful.
KwizatsHaderach - about 3 years ago
she is perfect. please post more of her sets! or shoot her more.
blanco0311 - about 3 years ago
Very much my thing! Thanks Deirdre!!!
GingerJuice - about 3 years ago
love the curves on her.
chiliredDX - about 3 years ago
hot thick n juicy... sexy panties... love these
pr1isfun - about 3 years ago