Maria Turova Russian Blue added on Dec 17, 2015

Maria Turova Russian Blue - 1
It is not easy to get a woman like Maria Turova to take photographs like these. Sometimes it is on a whim, or for some extra cash, or for who knows? I try not to pry too much. Usually, I am just grateful for the trust that is granted. I know how brief these windows of opportunity can be. When I see one, I leap for it. Maria is a wonderful person who loves life, really loves her cat, and has a knack for bringing out the best in people. Trusting individuals tend to do that.
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she is awesome
patg271 - 2 months ago
sei molto bella
aiko8888 - 7 months ago
Come back Maria...we miss you !!
JackW - about 1 year ago
her hands are amazing too!
TigerWoods - almost 2 years ago
great body, love those skinny long arms!
Swann - over 2 years ago
Eyes, great eyes. and the smile is awesome. when are we all going out?
axiom49 - over 2 years ago
Ah, The lovely Maria! Fantastic set and yet complainers. They do realize not every girl on here is a porn star, Right? That not every girl wants to show off every private part of their body in Hi-Def! Oh, well. Keep giving us great sets like this Zach and make the real fans of Zishy Happy.
WayneCon - over 2 years ago
People must have a different definition of "seeing nothing" than I do... Good grief. This is a gorgeous set -- #1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12... hell, they're all good. Perhaps Maria isn't in the "wrong business" -- maybe you're all just too desensitized to sex and the female form from porn that you can't get excited from something as undeniably erotic as this. Thank you, Maria, for sharing your beauty with us perverts, and thank you, Zach, for the set and the website.
mozuon - over 2 years ago
Nice set Zach! I love the thin attractive Russian woman wrapped in a thin cotton leotard. That's sexy as hell. @ballmfn, it says as his mission statement, Zishy is about leaving something to the imagination. Maybe for Christmas this year you should just give your gifts with no wrapping and maybe throw away the box while your at it. If nude is free all over the internet then why are you paying 7.99 a month for something that doesn't satisfy you? Why are you trying to make something that is transparently clear about its concept into something it doesn't claim to be. Why don't you go into the city to a Victoria's Secret and ask them why they aren't selling sluttier stuff at a cheaper price? Thanks again,Zach. You keep on keepin' on!!
Weston 11 - almost 3 years ago
@ballmtn, there are more nudes on the Net than non-nudes, and many are also free and easy to find. So I suppose you would argue that you specifically want to see nudes of Maria here. Well then, I propose a challenge; try to find photos like this of Maria elsewhere. And please share with us!
Zach Venice - almost 3 years ago
Seeing nothing is the new theme.
ballmtn - almost 3 years ago
Again.....high hopes, big let down. We saw as much as we would see in the first photo of the first set. Pics that show nothing at all are in magazines all over the place and free. Anyone can shoot non nudes.
ballmtn - almost 3 years ago
What a gorgeous young women. Great photo set Zach and I love the shots of her in panties. They would look good on my bedroom floor. Would have liked to see a video though.
stjpth12 - almost 3 years ago
Brilliant model and photos...
TigerWoods - almost 3 years ago
Dat ass though
Johnny Tees - almost 3 years ago
Maria molodetz kraisivaya devushka.....great work as always vsegda.
persianj - almost 3 years ago
Very hot looking young Lady!
ifd474 - almost 3 years ago
Super-cute and super-pervy. Hard to beat.
flaerndip0 - almost 3 years ago
common ducky, its not her fault the puberty fairy didn't leave anything when she hung her onesy over the fireplace.
arobinson807 - almost 3 years ago
I'll just wait for her episode 7...
moopieb72 - almost 3 years ago
she's just beautiful.......good stuff Maria
simons - almost 3 years ago
Sorry but I love tits and ass, and I donĀ“t see any. Not any interest to see this set
ducky - almost 3 years ago
Kelevra - almost 3 years ago
I just love the Russian hat ;D
Spitfire - almost 3 years ago
I think she is absolutely yummy. I like thin girls.
henry88 - almost 3 years ago
nah, not my type. she's too skinny...
paul.w - almost 3 years ago
thanks man! it took i while to post a new one from her, i almost thought she retired!!
rafael - almost 3 years ago
Good Job Zach, gotta say tho, Maria may be trusting, but the cat sure has her reservations about your camera LOL :D BTW how does one tell the gender of a cat? Well you could take the uncouth approach and lift the tail, or you can look at the face in profile, boys have big chins that stick out almost as far as the top lip, and flat noses. Girls have noses that protrude beyond the top lip and receding chins, so from the side, female cats faces look like boats, and male cats faces look like bricks . . . Bit of useless information most vets don't even know ;)
TheJAY - almost 3 years ago
Gorgeous young woman. Love her figure.
maxwolf9 - almost 3 years ago
Great pics Maria. Cute butt & sexy legs. Nice work Zach. Not only do u catch the beauty these ladies possess, but u also capture the love they hav for their pets, that is, for the ones that do hav pets. Lol!!!
biged72 - almost 3 years ago
Here we go, the whingers are out in force again regarding lack of nudity. Maria's so gorgeous, always a treat to see an update from her. <3
Ison13 - almost 3 years ago
6th set and still no nudity? She's in the wrong business.
rollo - almost 3 years ago
models & pictorials are getting tamer & tamer...sweet girls but boring sets.
mickmfm - almost 3 years ago
Lovely slender, model. Thanks. x
remigius - almost 3 years ago
gorgeous girl but the complete lack of any nudity was a bit of a disappointment
chuckles2323 - almost 3 years ago