Zoe Fletcher The Hipster Tip added on Nov 19, 2015

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Here is Zoe Fletcher. She is from Montana. She does some modeling in Los Angeles but is also a licensed cosmetologist with years of salon experience. Zoe relocated to Cali a few months ago and loves it here. She is a tall, porcelain-skinned, young lady of Irish ancestry. The attention to detail with the decor of her Hollywood apartment is evident of Zoe's aesthetic sense.
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pale freckled redhead with a strong bodyhair factor really are a special kind.. she is cute and very sexy
Peter Pan - 7 days ago
you see shes a Little Hidden Gem, what i'm saying is THIS: there are some models on here ppl jump up and hoot & hollar about, they don't even deserve nearly half that attention that their getting.NOT saying they're UGLY or Worthless.just nothing to break a sweat over.yeah,yeah everyone has different tastes.But you can't deny this girl and others like her a Hidden Gems buried in a plethora Portfolios here in ZISHY, ofcourse various other " Webzine,Erotica / Glamour Sites out there. you SEE this ALL THE TIME. Its a Shame Too. stay safe everyone, CHEERS !
LickingVickyVoss - 29 days ago
PabloCrz - 10 months ago
Her face is so beautiful
dufreakjo - over 1 year ago
The quality of redheads on this site is unmatched. Zoe is a prime example.
radiofredd - over 2 years ago
Zoe is so beautiful! I love her freckles and her hypnotic eyes...I could get lost.
Hirundo - over 2 years ago
HenryJ - almost 3 years ago
lovely lady!!
rafael - almost 3 years ago
Zoe is why I came to this site. I sure hope she'll do another shoot. And another...
mgunner - almost 3 years ago
My god, she is so lovely and sexy - more more more
Tommyjo33 - almost 3 years ago
axiom49 - about 3 years ago
Lovely! Can do with out the wool hat though.
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
Simply stunning!
filthandfun - about 3 years ago
gorgeous girl and sexy underwears. great set!
AndyC - over 3 years ago
Beautifull and very sexy Zoe, enjoyed this set many times. Congratulations.
ducky - over 3 years ago
I can't agree with you more, Stig.
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
To be congratulated for not being a follower, no tats and no piercing, awesome!
Stig - over 3 years ago
I have to comment again, because Zoe is now my all time favorite. She's unreal. I hope she returns soon!
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
More soon please
raistlin52 - over 3 years ago
I would wife that!
Wigglewaff - over 3 years ago
Very cute! ;D
Spitfire - over 3 years ago
nice ass and lovely nip... great job
joeyz69 - over 3 years ago
Beautiful milky skin with freckles on her arms and love Zoe's nipples .... great pics candid pic 65 and 39,40 are the best
muttley - over 3 years ago
My new favorite set. Hands down. Incredible.
Ithou69 - over 3 years ago
whteverking - over 3 years ago
She is extraordinary. I hope we see a LOT more of her!
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
Amazing girl! A goddess really.
Lerez - over 3 years ago
moopieb72 - over 3 years ago
Love this great set
mudgut - over 3 years ago
Stunning! Amazing cheekbones. And a Harry Potter fan?
2juta4 - over 3 years ago
hottest woman on the site
Lookabinn2 - over 3 years ago
Great first set. Love a porcelain beauty with freckles like that. Nothing better. GO IRISH!!!
every_breath - over 3 years ago
Very nice. Can't wait to see more.
voyeur13 - over 3 years ago
First comment ever. Just had to say WOW! More Zoe, please!
damsel - over 3 years ago
Neat erotic shots thks zach
dazza44 - over 3 years ago
Gorgeous young woman. Love her figure.
maxwolf9 - over 3 years ago
Nice hips on that hipster.
Johnny Tees - over 3 years ago
.....ooops. I forgot about her butt. Very nice butt.
biged72 - over 3 years ago
Lovely lady. Love both her breasts & perky nipples. Yumm!! Yumm!!
biged72 - over 3 years ago