Cole Esenwein vs Dick Blick added on Nov 05, 2015

Cole Esenwein vs Dick Blick - 1
Cole Esenwiein returns and we head over to a Dick Blick art supplies store. Cole wears a sweater with only a layer of cool Autumn air underneath. I worry for her ankles as she jumps and kicks in thin high heels. Luckily, Cole is as limber as a kitten and scoffs at the idea of injury. The track in the bonus video is one of Cole's jams, Gucci Mane's "Lemonade". After the Blick adventure, we head back home for some bedroom shots. You'll want to stay tuned.
Cole Esenwein vs Dick Blick - 2
Cole Esenwein vs Dick Blick - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

more non-nudity
wink - over 1 year ago
All over it, love it. More of this girl in that shop in that outfit.
Deangaffney - about 2 years ago
Such a cutie even in a average shoot like this, a set up for the next.
WayneCon - over 2 years ago
no bueno. . . .
anon10200 - almost 3 years ago
thanks for the video, did you ever considered shooting in full HD?
rafael - almost 3 years ago
just wasted my download limit
Paintjack - almost 3 years ago
Cole is seriously fit, I mean take your breath away fit!! I'll take any pics you want to share of her however I do agree the setting was boring and the shots very repetitive.
thoth - almost 3 years ago
This had to be an error or joke...
moopieb72 - almost 3 years ago
Lovely girl, tame set. Bring on more!
ghosts - almost 3 years ago
This girl is fabulous and I think part 2 will be a jaw dropper.
waydownsouth - almost 3 years ago
I'll be staying tuned, Zish man! Cole is a hottie.
handsomecharles - almost 3 years ago
This set is a great reminder to go revisit West Side Cats part 2.
2juta4 - almost 3 years ago
Super hot girl but very boring set
ILovepussy - almost 3 years ago
Boring Boring, not worth looking at.
ducky - almost 3 years ago
Would love to see that fine, sexy butt of hers be wet,naked and pressed up against a shower door. Mm mm mm!!!!
biged72 - almost 3 years ago
With this set being fairly plain and boring are the pics from the bedroom going to blow us away? Lets hope they will. Plenty of (bare)butt shots, please?
biged72 - almost 3 years ago
Also public shoots are creepy I don't wanna look at something that's supposed to be sexual with some old person or a kid in the shot. It's distasteful.
Pickles360 - almost 3 years ago
This is horrible, it's not artist or clever and it's defiantly not sexy and that's saying something cause this chick is a babe. You fucked up
Pickles360 - almost 3 years ago
Not my favorite
markybluntz - almost 3 years ago
Well I thought it was pretty good. I love leggy outfits like this :)
arsmoriendi - almost 3 years ago
This set is really tame, even by Zishy standards. The video is more daring. Big disappointment.
voyeur13 - almost 3 years ago
5 out of 5 Zishy subscribers agree. BIG letdown. We do not expect the third in a series to be the tamest. Boo!
every_breath - almost 3 years ago
This set has been rated G by the Zishy Pictures Association of America...nice set, beautiful girl but a bit boring.
mickmfm - almost 3 years ago
beautiful girl, great shots, but its like you forgot to load the last two pages
beeger - almost 3 years ago
hottest girl in the boringest set.. ya, it is so boring it needs a new word.
pale.ale - almost 3 years ago
rollo - almost 3 years ago