Gina Rosini Florida Why Not added on Oct 08, 2015

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I had only been to Florida one time before and it was for a cousin's wedding. We threw him an impromptu bachelor party the night before his big day. He got so drunk that he had to physically remove a stripper from his lap so that he could purge the contents of his stomach. The most attractive dancer in the club looked like she had class the next morning, and I don't mean college. She was still in braces. Anyways, I like Florida and I like Gina Rosini. I am glad she gave me another reason to return to the Sunshine State.
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AMAZING! hngngn
Kailan91 - 7 months ago
Pic #66 butt shot is awesome
dufreakjo - almost 2 years ago
Gina is a real Goddess ! She is amazing ! Love her, her tits and her bottom She is a perfect lady !
bbm3 - almost 3 years ago
A sexy girl who knows it.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
Amazing ! We want more, more and more
thePostman - over 3 years ago
moore please
pelaez - over 3 years ago
please bring her back... And I wouldn't mind if she wears the same dress
fmj1987 - over 3 years ago
leestuart74 - over 3 years ago
Yum! :D
Ison13 - over 3 years ago
you can post her every day all day... more of this kind of post please Zach!
kidego - over 3 years ago
That is one gorgeous woman.
room199 - over 3 years ago
Wow what a great girl with a lovely pair of boobs!
Spitfire - over 3 years ago
Can I vote 6 stars please!? Bring her back.
weblawless - over 3 years ago
MixnMingle - over 3 years ago
No bra, no panties, no shoes, and a basically see through dress? Yes, please!
Xevo - over 3 years ago
so so hot - more more pls
pablosoze - over 3 years ago
She gets an A for effort!
moopieb72 - over 3 years ago
blkgunnr - over 3 years ago
This is my wheelhouse. I'm a sucker for the CRAZY curves! This set's getting added to the spank ban... uh, I mean favorites.
hoosierpapa - over 3 years ago
WOW!!! sure would like to see her again...pair of tights maybe?!
losommuc - over 3 years ago
Vollsau - over 3 years ago
She looks like a classical goddess!
Lerez - over 3 years ago
Nailed it . ..
anon10200 - over 3 years ago
Those through-the-dress silhouettes are ridiculously tantalizing.
2juta4 - over 3 years ago
Ariegrunn - over 3 years ago
She's beautiful & the set is hot!
redpurple - over 3 years ago
btlsp2000 - over 3 years ago
She's a brick (unh) house!
2juta4 - over 3 years ago
Absolutely Beautiful. Fantastic Set with a fantastic model. I can't wait for more of this one.
ifd474 - over 3 years ago
This is outstanding!
Diablo7 - over 3 years ago
WoW!!! What a lovely and b-e-a-u-teeful lady. Great pics Zach!!! Great pics Gina!!! Can I hav whats 'on' the menu, or should I say 'between' the menu? It all looks good....and yummie.
biged72 - over 3 years ago
Three thumbs up. Wait, that one's not a thumb!....
rchangel - over 3 years ago
Love it
nasese - over 3 years ago