Deirdre Collins Crushing It added on Sep 13, 2015

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Deirdre Collins gets to crush girls on a regular basis since she is on her university's rugby team. Reminds me of my college days. Right. Deirdre's strong body comes along with a snarky personality. I asked her opinion on American football and she called it 'pussy' since they use protective padding and halt play during the game. Deirdre says she is not an exceptionally aggressive person, but probably receives a therapeutic benefit from tackling others. I asked if she would tackle me for a video clip and she said it probably wouldn't be a great idea. My light frame was easily convinced. If you are wondering, the bandage is protecting Deirdre's injured piercing. Ouch.
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gf material
Kailan91 - about 1 month ago
love girls with natural, muscular thighs! Not like the dead-lift everyday type. But the sportsgirl type.
Parsboi - about 2 years ago
Wow!Deirdre is beautiful and sexy! I hope you post more of her..
Grumpy0308 - over 2 years ago
Deirdre is a beautiful athletic and sporty girl, her curvy body is magnificent ! Want to see her in the shower after this workout.
bbm3 - over 2 years ago
Truly a Goddess! I am floored by your Beauty!
Combat18 - over 2 years ago
My kind of girl, her body is simply stunning! Please bring more of her, please!
elbore8 - over 2 years ago
Pussy sport until a bigger faster girl launches herself like a missile into Deirdre because they have pads to "protect" them. Still though. nice power play here.
axiom49 - almost 3 years ago
She's a total knock out. And hilarous. "Pussy sport."
billmurraythebatman - almost 3 years ago
createreq - about 3 years ago
Stunning! There aren't enough thicker or "normal" sized women...hopefully more to come!
ILikeMoneyandPorn - about 3 years ago
More more more....... please
Dan - about 3 years ago
Beautiful woman, strong and athletic - very nice set, looking forward to seeing many more photos of this wonderful sportswoman.
bluestreak - about 3 years ago
yes yes YES. gorgeous and curvy.
Honorius - about 3 years ago
More curvy girls please.
HanSolo1 - about 3 years ago
Ding dong! Scrum queen of my heart
Wigglewaff - about 3 years ago
she is perfect
blanco0311 - about 3 years ago
More girls like this, please.
Widmerpool - about 3 years ago
Cuddly but strong. Now that is one sexy lady. Thanks Zach
TheJAY - about 3 years ago
Yeah, nipple piercings seem risky for a rugby player. Yeeouch.
2juta4 - about 3 years ago
Lesage.jean - about 3 years ago
Dreaming of the post workout shower...
moopieb72 - about 3 years ago
4 stars is usually my max for a set with sneakers, but I have to give this one 5 because Deirdre is so sexy. I really hope you bring her back in a different outfit.
arsmoriendi - about 3 years ago
Now Deirdre is my kind of girl!! Nice to meet you young lady I can't wait for the Rugby World Cup later this month!!
Spitfire - about 3 years ago
So sexy....
bswanwick - about 3 years ago
She likes Oreos.
Johnny Tees - about 3 years ago
Best set yet. Thank you.
losommuc - about 3 years ago
losommuc - about 3 years ago
Ooh, yeah--please have more of her to come, whatever, on or off the field.
princefan79 - about 3 years ago