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added on Sep 07, 2015
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Marina Visconti is a Russian adult actress filled with adventurous energy. I have been to Russia a few times. The general ideology there is a conservative one. Again, I don't care what you believe in as long as it does not hurt others. And when a person makes women feel like crap for taking sexy photos, that hurts me. Not cool. Marina walks on the wild side. You and I may not have the courage, talent, granted, nor the desire to do what she does. But if an extreme sportsman can survive his/her lifestyle and entertain us in the process, we do not question their intelligence. We should view XXXtreme entertainers the same way. So if you are a middle-aged woman sitting at Baja Fresh and you see me taking a picture of another woman playfully exposing her breasts, please shove that burrito back in your mouth and mind your own fucking business. This too shall pass.
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tomkoma : Every panty shot of Marina satisfied my panty fetish for months, great model, great photo shoot... over 2 years ago
ohw_fr : Great work. I get the impression that Zach's approach is as refreshing for girls like Marina as it is for us. Certainly most of them seem to enjoy the experience. over 3 years ago
wink : So beautiful!! over 3 years ago
pleasant_contractions : Your breasts are so perfect dear, thank you. over 4 years ago
ducky : Marina you are beautiful,lovely boobos. Super sexy Marina over 4 years ago
axiom49 : I want one! over 4 years ago
hog39dry : I hurt for her. almost 5 years ago
davymidnight : Great shoot, Gorgeous Girl! about 5 years ago
Wilk : Pic#38 barely illustrates a very appetizing StarFish! Mmm, love to tap that ass. about 5 years ago
skierk : This is one of those sets where I enjoy the blog entry almost more than the photographs. Rock on! about 5 years ago
Kaiser Rick : The last photo it's... Oh my!! about 5 years ago
Sputnik6 : Great photos, and they seem to capture her mood really well. I don't think I've seen Marina before, but I'll definitely look for her in the future. Russian women seem to have a certain magic that I haven't seen from most other cultures; not sure why, but I like it! about 5 years ago
Spitfire : Wow amazing boobs! about 5 years ago
Spitfire : Awesome!! about 5 years ago
blogsxoxo : Amazing! Per usual, your photography is amazing! Please keep up the good work and keep your blog growing. I'll stay a subscriber. about 5 years ago
Johnny Tees : 18 thank you about 5 years ago
Rubbl3z : Always liked Marina, from the first time I saw her and through all the 'adult situations' I've seen her engaging in since with any multiple of partners. Always found it a privilege that I get to see these young women expressing themselves as they choose, performing as they do. And I love seeing adult performers here at Zishy, it's like seeing them anew, the sets are more playful, more real somehow. Thanks Zach and thanks Marina. about 5 years ago