Lizbette Huerta Xalastraphobia
added on Aug 18, 2015
Lizbette Huerta Xalastraphobia - 1
Lizbette Huerta rents an apartment in a building that Chaplin once called home. Here she gives me a tour of the lobby, welcoming lounge, hallways, and even fire escape. Lizbette may or may not be able to play the piano, I do not clearly recall. She has a way of consuming your attention with her subtly flirtatious behavior. If you are wondering about the images at the end of the gallery, they were misplaced files from my previous update of this Mexican muse. A couple of LA's inebriated youth engaged us in conversation on the sidewalk. Lizbette's friendly demeanor is magnetic. The male was even bold enough to press Lizbette for a photo and her digits. Should have hired the punk as a talent scout on the spot.
Lizbette Huerta Xalastraphobia - 2
Lizbette Huerta Xalastraphobia - 3
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slaughta : Absolutely amazing ! almost 2 years ago
haposai : Bring her back!!! over 2 years ago
tLeN2z4 : Sensational! over 2 years ago
isilyen : I hit the heart icon right after the first picture! over 3 years ago
joeyz69 : Lizbette is stunning!!! The master of sexy beauty... over 3 years ago
Tommyjo33 : Gloriously sexy and such great boobs about 4 years ago
lastoftheV8 : sounds like someone is jealous that some young kid is having some fun standing next to a hot girl. over 4 years ago
Merooba : Me gusta mucho! Muy bonita! over 4 years ago
stjpth12 : Absolutely stunning Zach. Great work on the set. I love the shots of her boobies. A ten plus for me. over 4 years ago
biged72 : What a retarded looking dumbshit at the end flashing the 'gangsta' style peace sign, as well as the 'always stupid' 'west coast' sign. Why do retards like that hav to show their 'ass'? over 4 years ago
WayneCon : After her first set and getting to see her Boobs right away , I was hoping for some Booty shots in this set. I got my wish and then some! Thanks Zach and Lizbette! over 4 years ago
Ian Posel : great figure and damn sexy over 4 years ago
lastoftheV8 : The picture where at the piano with her hand on her butt......masturbation masterpiece. almost 5 years ago
bjl12 : Sexy asshole tease almost 5 years ago
swaghouse : Great work! Very beautiful!!! almost 5 years ago
btlsp2000 : Yipes, go girl! And save some for me, please. almost 5 years ago
thoth : Seriously cute face and a body to die for. There are some amazing poses in this set and her outfit is just right, especially her top. Love her. More please. almost 5 years ago
Johnny Tees : Meh almost 5 years ago
2juta4 : Dios mio! almost 5 years ago
rockhopper29 : Lovely girl, would enjoy watching her pound those piano keys. Nice touch. almost 5 years ago
Jazz004 : bring her back!! almost 5 years ago
Bichi : Pajeandome a dos manos almost 5 years ago
hottyryder : another winning set of photos with a very sexy lady almost 5 years ago
rockabil : It doesn't get any better... almost 5 years ago
Bogart : Lovel Girl. almost 5 years ago
moopieb72 : She is stunning. almost 5 years ago