Ursa Finley Made In DTLA added on Aug 12, 2015

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Ursa Finley is back and this time we visit the American Apparel factory in Downtown LA. On the premises, they have a large "flea market" or store where they finally sell their clothes at competitive prices. The only catch is that all items here are all rejects or misfires from the factory. For example, you may get a pair of panties that have an off-center crotch where the machine operator fell asleep. There are no refunds/exchanges at the flea market. Ursa and I did not find anything decent to shoplift on this day. Insert sad emoticon.
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I would bet my next paycheck, her cheeks get incredibly red and rosy as she is climaxing, yes?
wink - over 1 year ago
jimthetruckdriver - almost 3 years ago
Don't know how, but , even with a sheer top and skirt this just wasn't as sexy as it could have been. Her hair needed to be down not so much use of the location. But still better than her last set. Looking forward to the next time.
WayneCon - almost 3 years ago
So, so cute.
far-cue - about 3 years ago
I'll never get why so many lovely women ruin their bodies with idiotic tattoos.
nooneofyourconcern - about 3 years ago
I'm sooooooooo glad she's back! She looks incredibly gorgeous, of course. Great set! Please come back soon, Ursa!
billmurraythebatman - about 3 years ago
My poor blue balls...
moopieb72 - about 3 years ago
i love her.... she is beutiful!!! Hermosa!!! more sets of her
Kaiser Rick - about 3 years ago
Speaking of shoplifting, Which would you rather have, A mannequin or a dinosaur?
OatmealCreampie - about 3 years ago
so stunning, more of this girl please!
ILikeMoneyandPorn - about 3 years ago
Pic 49 xoxo kiss
Johnny Tees - about 3 years ago
jimthetruckdriver - about 3 years ago
That little birth mark on her left thigh is in just the right spot. Perfect for kissing, licking and preparing to worship at the altar of her womanhood. Pics 58-60 are very enticing.
rockhopper29 - about 3 years ago
Finally getting a real Zishy gallery...kudos
cleansteve - about 3 years ago
really nice ass!! she's got lots of potencial, more pictures of her please... showing a little bit more
haposai - about 3 years ago
I think it's also funny that this is only just barely racier than American Apparel's own advertising, but it's not legal to put this on the back of a magazine.
2juta4 - about 3 years ago
Nicely rooted in Zishy's ethos. Love her big eyes, cute face, feel privileged to get a peek at that birthmark on her inner thigh...
2juta4 - about 3 years ago
rockabil - about 3 years ago
Going from the tamest (previous) set to this "every man's dream" set - is a great leap...thanx Ursa...and the camera ;)
smiley981 - about 3 years ago
I kinda like her.
Bogart - about 3 years ago