Essie Halladay Whats Up Doc added on Aug 09, 2015

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Once I got Essie Halladay in the water, all bets were off. It is plain and simple, people love to skinny dip. These pics are out of order because I wanted to build up to the more revealing shots after the covered ones. Want more? That can be arranged tomorrow. Essie exits the water and ditches the sunglasses and suit. Signing off, Z.
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You are perfect. Not to talk indiscriminately about your body but ok since you showed me, I will. I love your butt and the little tiny nipples are like caviar - perfect. Not forgetting that you are very beautiful. Really you are exquisite
Dusty Roads - over 1 year ago
my favorite
gerartor - almost 2 years ago
Breathless one of my favorite gallery
drp275 - over 2 years ago
I actually found someone I can stare and dream about as much as Kate Upton.... Elsie you are Sports Illustrated swim suits next model.... Wow!!... Please marry me !!!
imbigga1111 - over 2 years ago
Love the 2 suits.....the Baywatch one and "The Birthday" one!
WayneCon - almost 3 years ago
More, more, more Essie please....Wow!
henry88 - almost 3 years ago
I'm squirming looking at her.
hog39dry - almost 3 years ago
loved the swinsuit.
rafael - almost 3 years ago
Whatever you have to do to get this girl to keep doing photo shoots - do it. There's no such thing as perfection, but she's as close as it gets.
foulmouthedleon - almost 3 years ago
Gorgeous woman. I love the swimsuit.
billmurraythebatman - almost 3 years ago
My suggestion is for all the galleries, which is make a slideshow option for the thumb view, scroll view is ok.
Tallguy8628 - about 3 years ago
Wow! Masturbating has never been so fun! Amazing babe!
Rocko111 - about 3 years ago
My absolute dreamgirl, she is so beautiful :-)
Schmunzelbacke - about 3 years ago
epic!! wish there was a vid
water69 - about 3 years ago
Terribly unflattering swimsuit... but once discarded... WOW
ghosts - about 3 years ago
Bravo! Great set!! Keep them comin'!!
larryirun - about 3 years ago
Never commented before and now I'm commenting two days in a row for both of Essie's sets. Shes perfect and easily a favorite girl here. Agree that video would be great. Pictures are good but video is as real as it gets.
nineteen - about 3 years ago
What a sexy, beautiful girl!
davymidnight - about 3 years ago
she's gorgeous. maybe one set of her per week?
perrochileno - about 3 years ago
So many favourite pics in this set.
Markus23 - about 3 years ago
I think keeping the shots in order would have been fine! I like # 40, seeing her shadow reflected in her sunglasses--neat.
princefan79 - about 3 years ago
Yes, more please. This is the sexiest set ever on any site.
MG - about 3 years ago
Beatiful girl... I haver to agree with Substance. I would love to see a video. Her breasts probably have the most perfect "bounce" (don't know if the word is correct. English is not my native language)
fmj1987 - about 3 years ago
Fantastic. Quickly becoming one of my favorites.
Bradley2099 - about 3 years ago
W2G Z !!!! Skinny dipping !!!!
tagsu3 - about 3 years ago
Well worth the wait. Thank you Essie!
hoosierpapa - about 3 years ago
Gorgeous. I like the way the distortion of the water creates the tease in many shots... And then the reveal.
2juta4 - about 3 years ago
Z, thank you! Essie has the breast and torso of a greek statue. My only complaint, is there is no accompanying video!
Substance - about 3 years ago
She's a gift
nasese - about 3 years ago
Definitely more butt. Love the work though.
Rufeous - about 3 years ago
Need a towel...
moopieb72 - about 3 years ago
Nice to see tits but we need more butt.I want what bjl12 loves.
Johnny Tees - about 3 years ago
Yay, finally!
edgarallanpoe - about 3 years ago
In case of a water landing Essie's tits can be used as a flotation device.
Bogart - about 3 years ago