Saki Kishima Nude Models
added on Aug 05, 2015
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Saki Kishima is primarily a nude model. She appeared to be more comfortable sans wardrobe in a room than outdoors in clothes. But Saki did get a little shy once I started recording video. She only has experience starring in a couple of music videos and with clothes on. As always, I think she came through nicely. The song in the bonus vid is "Down Home Girl" by Nic Armstrong and The Thieves.
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Bonus HD Video Clip

Tittieman : Love her fully nude. Her breast are gorgeous 3 months ago
slriggib : Amazing full luscious breasts for such a petite beauty. 8 months ago
NNasty : Gorgeous! 8 months ago
pecker697 : Always finding someone new, she is gorgeous 11 months ago
SoShy : OMG! almost 2 years ago
magic_ike : She models on Instagram. Her Instagram profile is @Misshamino about 2 years ago
rower1 : Slim and busty is so appealing to me.Beautiful woman about 3 years ago
dave35 : Gravity defying breasts. No beating around the bush on this set. almost 4 years ago
jg123 : Please have another photoshoot I miss her! about 4 years ago
TigerWoods : best model on Zishy! over 4 years ago
TigerWoods : Perfect model and gallery. More definitely. over 4 years ago
Breathless Oblivion : She is beautiful. Amazing gallery over 4 years ago
waydownsouth : Saki too! almost 5 years ago
Flyingdream : A truly adorable girl in every way. So talented! I love the way you go from so silly to sad to sexy to innocent and back around. Would be a fun girl to know and love. about 5 years ago
WayneCon : I love this set, but it does seem beyond the Zishy standard. I'm sure everyone would love at least one set just like this of each of the models here. But then this would be another site and not the Zishy tease site. But thank you Zach and Saki BIG TIME! over 5 years ago
jga2 : Wow! What a beautiful girl, amazing body! over 5 years ago
TigerWoods : Beautitul....more please over 5 years ago
Redlegbob : Saki is the perfect model! Absolutely amazing photos and a truly inspiring subject!! over 5 years ago
stanhope : This is a great gallery. Her but deserves a blue ribbon. over 5 years ago
voyeur13 : She's very sexy! Great set! over 5 years ago
hottyryder : I love her body, but I'm sure there are also some of the right outfits that would go nicely with it. Don't get me wrong - nice gallery. Thanks for shooting and posting over 5 years ago
BOBW : Absolutely stunning for both model and photographer, this is the first time that I ever wanted to be a floor mat. What numb nut would give this girl less than five stars (perhaps his nuts are numb). over 5 years ago
rockhopper29 : Absentem laedit cum ebrio qui litigat. Sua cuique voluptas. over 5 years ago
archeron : Sorry to continue the hijack, but most of the time when I see a comment and think "what a douchebag thing to say" the aforementioned gentleman is involved. Back to the pictorial, I have to say I love the style, the model, and everything about it. Hope to see more like it. She is deadly, in the best of ways. over 5 years ago
princefan79 : Shaaawiiiinng! over 5 years ago
jg123 : Her chest just natural...she is so cute so beautiful, her lips amazing. over 5 years ago
ItWasn'tMe : This woman is unreal. over 5 years ago
bjl12 : Pic 28 - TY! over 5 years ago
beeger : Rockhopper. Such a passionate retort. I must have struck a nerve. Go back through the galleries. Nobody likes your comments. Generally you are complaining that the girl doesn't fit into your opinion of what is beautiful. Apparently you love the big girls. That is ok they need love too! Oh and I have gotten laid recently. You are right I generally end up with guys, but you dad was busy so I got with your mom. Go ride your bike somewhere other than east Texas or what ever backwoods hillbilly place you are from. over 5 years ago
diablo69 : F-i-n-e FINE!. Gorgeous. She's hot, she's a natural in front of the camera. Perma-chubby. Will have to wear loose pants for 2 or 3 days!!! over 5 years ago
Rucaryan : Video was amazing and fun. Great set. Shen is one gorgeous girl over 5 years ago
Voyageart : I'd love to dip my sushi into some hot Saki! over 5 years ago
Diablo7 : This set and is pure excellence. over 5 years ago
Smokey : Dang, that girl has got a lot of charisma on the camera. She comes across as a total cutie. Good job by both parties on this shoot. over 5 years ago
2juta4 : Stellar work by both Saki and Zach on this one. Zach, I'm curious (just curious, I swear): the site has featured a few women of East and South Asian extraction, and some Latinas. Do you just not get approached by many African American models? over 5 years ago
Johnny Tees : I no see this girl long time. over 5 years ago
moopieb72 : Warning. This is a bullshit free gallery that may cause an erection lasting more than 4 hours. over 5 years ago
beeger : Rock hopper STFU! You switch back and forth between these holier than tho soap box rants to seriously creepy and deranged comments. This site is not one in which comments like yours are appropriate or welcome. Maybe Zach can remove it. And also specialized bikes are garbage. Regardless of the wheel size. over 5 years ago
williemays : this is by far one of the best galleries on the site. Full nude with great poses that show the entire body. I wish more of the models would have sets like this. Great job. over 5 years ago
gunt : these are some of the worst comments i've seen... Kinda makes me feel like I belong to a fraternity of retards if this is a true cross section of the general caliber of subscriber to Zishy. over 5 years ago
Ironborn : You know, everytime I see a set with the girls taking a shower, I imagine it's to wash the Zach off of them. Amiright? over 5 years ago
tagsu3 : PERFECTION !!!!! over 5 years ago
Bogart : This is one of the best gallery yet. Not that the other galleries are bad. over 5 years ago