Paris Moffer China Beaching added on Jun 12, 2015

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I write this as I patiently stand in line for tacos, a late dinner. Most others in this line are also dicking with their smart phones. The song playing in the background goes, "arms and legs, bacon and eggs." The lyrics are clever, but make my stomach grumble. Paris Moffer contacted me a couple years back wanting to be photographed. Only problem was that she was seventeen. I felt it prudent to wait until she was of legal age. So I did. Proof that there are times when your humble narrator can demonstrate patience. But right now, I don't want to wait. I want my tacos.
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Skin,eyes, ears, body,cuteness, cool smile. More please.
dave35 - over 1 year ago
I am totally 'in love' with her
chadders - over 1 year ago
Beautiful alabaster skin, jet black hair and amazing eyes.
muttley - about 2 years ago
Paris forgive me, but you are not one of my favorite models here. That doesn't mean I don't think you're attractive or sexy, because you are both of those and more. I write this just to point out, we all have our favorites, but all the other models here deserve our respect as well. On their shoots and posts we should be complimentary to them and respect them and thank them. Rather than ask for others or complain. so thanks again Zach for bringing us a wide variety of lovely and fun a different looking women to enjoy. Thank You Paris for a sexy bikini shoot that brightened my day!
WayneCon - almost 3 years ago
Love the dark hark and freckles...beautiful skin
muttley - about 3 years ago
Love her nipples and little tuft of pubic hair on her pussy
Fe3C - about 3 years ago
awesome variety. She's a great tease
axiom49 - over 3 years ago
She's got a cool, Betty Page vibe.
maxwolf9 - over 3 years ago
more of this please.
moopieb72 - over 3 years ago
So cute
chevsky - over 3 years ago
More of her and her little hair down there.
Johnny Tees - over 3 years ago
strykerman - over 3 years ago
Nice work Zach, look forward to more of Paris, she looks so, so cute. But those red lips.... hot, sweet and sexy! Great light on those later shots too
Wowzer - over 3 years ago
Nope.......... We need more Natalie Austin, Bristol Everett or Chelsea Waltzer.
rockhopper29 - over 3 years ago
Love the pubes tease. Please do more of that in the future.
caveman7 - over 3 years ago
Another great shoot with this gorgeous woman!
icefire2035 - over 3 years ago
Sweet model, nice find.
bowfinger - over 3 years ago
Nicely done Zach, she's so pretty and not a drop of ink in that perfect skin, good choice little lady. BTW high-five for freckles and cute pixie ears :D
TheJAY - over 3 years ago
Can't wait for more.
Bogart - over 3 years ago
This, I love.
edgarallanpoe - over 3 years ago