Rochelle Safford Super Moons
added on May 14, 2015
Rochelle Safford Super Moons - 1
Roamed around Hotel Indigo with Rochelle Safford. It was a warm night in Phoenix, Arizona. You might be able to tell by Rochelle's turtleneck. Love sweat. We encountered several guests including the gentleman you see here in a couple of photos. Rochelle's friendly and garrulous nature lured the stranger in. I think he also may have had some liquid courage. The jovial guest did not linger, which was very cool of him. Rochelle wears eighteen really well. Being that age again would be fun, said Captain Obvious and General Jealous. Rochelle bounces to a group named Melvil's cover of Daft Punk in the bonus video.
Rochelle Safford Super Moons - 2
Rochelle Safford Super Moons - 3
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Bonus Video Clip

I really dont like implants
bjmbear - almost 2 years ago
I would die with this video on loop.
radiofredd - almost 3 years ago
While I really appreciate a Naked set of photo's, I come here for the tease, not the explicit. Rochelle is fantastic with the tease, and that smile and dimples, WOW! Boy would I love to make her feel how she looks in #69. Oh the dreams! Thanks Rochelle and Zach.
WayneCon - almost 4 years ago
jimthetruckdriver - about 4 years ago
Another fav
strykerman - over 4 years ago
one of your most perfect sets.
blanco0311 - over 4 years ago
Very Beautiful Girl. Great set.
ifd474 - over 4 years ago
Badly set with Horror girl..Stupid monstro read Bible and too very drinking beer Whiscy rum.. with men...Fucked..
andrey1999 - over 4 years ago
Maybe she is covering the nipples because she does not have any. That is it,no nipples. I dare her to prove me wrong. If I am wrong I will suck them for 1 hour.
rockhopper29 - over 4 years ago
damn fine smile she's got there.
bswanwick - over 4 years ago
Rochelle you are one very beautiful girl... I love this shoot.
arsmoriendi - over 4 years ago
Those sheer stockings and the ass shots are killin' me... more of this is definitely needed.
Diablo7 - over 4 years ago
The tease is killing everyone here. Show us your titties!
Johnny Tees - over 4 years ago
Damn those hands!
moopieb72 - over 4 years ago
Well as a fan of the teasing, upskirt, lets see your knickers shot, I'm happy Zach :-)
Wowzer - over 4 years ago
Normally I'd never complain about a particular tease-centric set , but Good God man! Those are breasts that it should be illegal to cover up in the first place. Free the this case, at least.
rchangel - over 4 years ago
I don't see anything to dislike about her. Please say there will be lots and lots and lots more of her to come! Total five star rating for me.
billmurraythebatman - over 4 years ago
Zach, I find your lack of nipple...disturbing.
shinji246 - over 4 years ago