Charli Romano Things Like This added on May 06, 2015

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I agree with many of you, Charli Romano is an incredible find. She is young, lively, fit, and open to new experiences. Charli enjoys the whole rave scene, which explains the custom brassiere she made and models is this gallery. Are there any guys out there who dislike tan lines? It seems that anytime a girl has them, she feels the need to apologize. Only apologize if you have a real reason. Hmm ... like say you get paid millions of dollars to fight an opponent and you lose and walk away without a scratch on your body. Then you should apologize.
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One foot job please!
Hornytxn - about 1 year ago
How did I miss this! What a SMOKE show! Wow!
swaghouse - over 1 year ago
Sweet gal who luvs to trot around with no clothes on !! Bravo !!
northstar - over 1 year ago
She's beautiful! Thanks for all the great butt shots, Zishy!
dufreakjo - over 1 year ago
she is great
Peter - about 2 years ago
Charli, Charli, Charli! So beautiful!! Nice shootin' , Zach !
wink - over 2 years ago
aaahhh was that a shot at Manny Pacqioa?!?! Did you watch the fight!?! Mayweather was the one pussyfooting, using his reach, and going for the technical win! this is the only thing i will disagree with you on Zach!!! great set btw! Your passion for the models shows through in most sets but even more so on sets like this.
ILikeMoneyandPorn - almost 3 years ago
how come they never show the pussy?
nar29215 - almost 3 years ago
Lovely young girl. Love her work on here, as well as other places on the web, under a diff name, of course. Yummm!!!!
biged72 - over 3 years ago
Ummmm.... Yes please!
V8aholic - over 3 years ago
I now everyone likes and thanks you Zach for the full nudity and it is appreciated, but I want to thank you for also taking tease shots of the full nudity. It keeps the spirit of the site intact while giving more.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
Mismatched sox! I think I'm in love what a babe! She can easily cause spontaneous erections.......
2lapuerta - almost 4 years ago
a sensual generous perfect body girl
nick777 - almost 4 years ago
She's incredible
filthandfun - almost 4 years ago
Wow! This is one of the best sets I have ever seen on Zishy. Charli is so so sexy and has an incredible body plus cute ass. And yes, no worries about the tan lines on Charli--they look good on her.
ftgrl980 - almost 4 years ago
Cute, beautiful and stunning sexy
amart - almost 4 years ago
One word - stunning. As for tan lines, agree with bk & max comments. Adds to the allure.
spicerg772 - almost 4 years ago
just excellent...
haposai - almost 4 years ago
I got my membership at just the right time! And no, tan lines are not a problem. Like panties, they are sexier than nudity alone, because they are intimate.
bk409 - almost 4 years ago
I love tan lines. I think they're sexy. Very hot photo set, by the way.
maxwolf9 - almost 4 years ago
Keep pushing those limits Zach! Very Nice! I don't know about an apology but very disappointing.
wonka808 - almost 4 years ago
Zach, Zach, Zach, Zach.......Thank you!
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
This woman is very beautiful. Great body and looks like she has an awesome personality.
sad144 - almost 4 years ago
Beautiful girl - but would love to see her when shes a bit more aged, zishy in 2025 pls
pablosoze - almost 4 years ago
I signed up for a month a while back to check out the site. I liked what I saw and decided I'd cancel the monthly rate but sign up for a year when I had some extra cash. I saw this and decided I couldn't wait for the extra cash. Charli is beautiful.
Bradley2099 - almost 4 years ago
moopieb72 - almost 4 years ago
Gorgeous. She does get hotter in each set. On a side note I'd also like to see more of Phoebe Keller as stated by the other posts. I'd like to see a few 2 girl shoots as well. Maybe Phoebe Keller with Charli Romano?
joesnickers - almost 4 years ago
Damn, she is hot!
voyeur13 - almost 4 years ago
Jeez, Charli, exercise once in a while! Lay off the donuts and pizza. You've really let yourself go! Just kidding, obviously. You're in phenomenal shape and you're just naturally incredibly beautiful. This is scrumtrillescent.
billmurraythebatman - almost 4 years ago
best shorts ever
hottyryder - almost 4 years ago
Such a beautiful girl. I'd love to see the video from this shoot!
sargie - almost 4 years ago
I like the tan lines. Very hot girl.
ifd474 - almost 4 years ago
Outstanding... hot poses, GREAT little ass...good form in general..
Diablo7 - almost 4 years ago
Must agree with Johnny Tees... We need more Phoebe Keller
fmj1987 - almost 4 years ago
I am in love.
rchangel - almost 4 years ago
This chick is banging.. HOT DANG
moxphoto - almost 4 years ago
She keeps getting hotter in each shoot. I wish Phoebe Keller would return for another shoot.
Johnny Tees - almost 4 years ago
sweet kid, not bashful and I would say has much to offer.Pic 52 is extra special in demonstrating in a quite way, her non verbal intellectual quality. Communicating clearly to the world that she is open to different forms of expression but in particular physical powers.
rockhopper29 - almost 4 years ago