Valentina Nappi Going Bananas added on Apr 17, 2015

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Valentina Nappi is not your typical porn girl. She wholeheartedly enjoys deviancy, thrives in filth. I like meeting women who own their sexuality. By that, I mean women who enjoy sex for their own pleasure and not for the reward of pleasing their partner. Sure, it is nice to be with someone who cares about my satisfaction, but nothing beats when she is in it for herself as much she is in it for me. Make sense? I see more of this liberated Italiana in our near future.
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didn't she fuck an ugly guy with that leggins in the first pics?
Kailan91 - 4 months ago
Love the X-Men swimsuit, yet I prefer the hot babe in it. A step up from the last set. I Can't wait for the next, I so love it when you build up the sensuality from one set to the next with some women and with others ...BAM ! it's right there from the start. Great variety.
WayneCon - about 3 years ago
perfect woman
HenryJ - over 3 years ago
Mmmm, she's a naughty girl. Love db.penetration. My kind of girl
Wilk - over 3 years ago
She seems very proud of her bush. Two sets and that's all we see. Not much sexiness in either shoot.
every_breath - over 3 years ago
lucky banana.
moopieb72 - over 3 years ago
i'm with you Zach, If she's not into it, I'm out. I haven't read the comics in awhile.
axiom49 - over 3 years ago
I need to eat more fruit....
Wowzer - over 3 years ago
WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Another beauty with great curves, fantastic legs, what a joy to have those around me. Prime.
rockhopper29 - over 3 years ago
She has naughty videos on Xvideos website.
Johnny Tees - over 3 years ago
Her ass is not fat its very beautiful, Valentina you are too gorgeous and sexy honey, great work as usual.
persianj - over 3 years ago
Yet another in a long line of great photoshoots, helped undoubtedly by Valentina's undeniable beauty. :) Great work by everyone involved!
bluestreak - almost 4 years ago
She's awesome!
cliticalthinking - almost 4 years ago
fat ass...Horror pants!!!...Hair and duty...Crazy bananas to big ass...Stupid!
andrey1999 - almost 4 years ago
Another one that needs to be a regular...everything about her is outstanding to me. The ass in particular is an absolute perfect 10!
Diablo7 - almost 4 years ago
grandiosa Valentina!!
joeyz69 - almost 4 years ago
Very sexy girl. Would love to see her return for more.
maxwolf9 - almost 4 years ago
Wow! 5 and 6 are beautiful. That booty is yummy.
Johnny Tees - almost 4 years ago
Deliciosa…YUMMY YUMMY !!!
WHITEEFRAT - almost 4 years ago