Kendra Sunderland On Coopetition
added on Mar 08, 2015
Kendra Sunderland On Coopetition - 1
On my trip over to Portland to photograph Kendra Sunderland, I asked Rob, the owner of a more extreme site, if he would like me to also create some material for him of the popular Kendra. Rob's site is one of the only online porn destinations that I can bear viewing. He usually has a great eye for what is natural and adventurous, but unlike Zishy, leaves practically nothing to the imagination. What I enjoy most about Rob's work is that it is intimate in the sense that it is not created by a production team--it is just him and the model. He subscribes to 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' and has executed it to much success. So here are some images that you can also find on his site, plus some extras. However, if you want to see the explicit parts and some scintillating HD video, there is a link to Rob's publication at the end of the gallery (if you are reading this as a Zishy subscriber). Kendra listens to 'My Favorite Mistake' from Sheryl Crow as she showers in this exclusive bonus video.
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Bonus HD Video Clip

Dixx2009 : I swear to god those “asshole behind thong” shots where you can see the thong fully in the crack and the fact you don’t “smooth” out butthole wrinkles like every other studio.. is why I will stay here. Lord 10 months ago
Gateway : Don't like hardware in the nipples. over 1 year ago
Peter Pan : she looks pretty milfy.. very hot! about 2 years ago
Dickman22 : Hi baby over 2 years ago
Dickman22 : Hi baby over 2 years ago
WayneCon : Kendra is a fun beauty. The video is killer. One of my favorite ladies here. over 5 years ago
joeyz69 : Stunning nextdoor girl! i love her.. almost 6 years ago
johnny10 : gorgeous. almost 6 years ago
moopieb72 : Dick fell off. damn. almost 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : The shower scene is so incomplete without me. about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : She looks like a girl that works in a bank in my town. about 6 years ago
davymidnight : Wow Kendra! Just WOW! about 6 years ago
pablosoze : comments on this site are starting to get a bit nasty and distractting. @ZachVenice can we hide comments pls about 6 years ago
thoth : 39 & 40 ... Wow! I could look at her all day long. Great pics. Fantastic girl. about 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : "oldhat" what's up with your tight ass problem. You don't like my comment or anyone else's comment, then find some other reading material idiot. The rest of us are here for the girls and to comment on them. You can stick your attitude up your ass. about 6 years ago
andrey1999 : And??That has this girl-only little ass and silicone boobs,but that she can others?? about 6 years ago
bowfinger : Rockhopper, why do you insist on making a complete ass of yourself? Are you always drunk or something? Had another bad night trying to pick up a stripper? Whats up with your inane comments? about 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : It really doesn't matter if Zack takes the pics or trades and borrows from someone else as long as the quality of the pics are good and make me get a hard on. That's why we are all here and why Zack is making a living off posting the pics at a reasonable price. I prefer the more full bodied girls, but sexy comes in all forms. Beautiful little titties. about 6 years ago
mwhelk : So I am blind. Where is the link to the other guy's gallery? about 6 years ago
tobysultan : Kendra and Zach you blew me away, made my day, artistic erotica here to stay about 6 years ago
Diablo7 : This one gets better later on in the gallery... then that video really takes it to another level... I could watch her take that shower for hours. Ridiculous hotness. about 6 years ago
edgarallanpoe : I didn't know you guys were friends. Neat. about 6 years ago
ZachVenice : Pitchin4: Please read my notes above. about 6 years ago