Audrey Star Little Islands
added on Feb 15, 2015
Audrey Star Little Islands - 1
Yes, Audrey Star is over eighteen and comes from Florida. It was only fitting to take her to see a beach on the Best coast. She had no swimsuit with her, so we improvised. Audrey surprised me with her adventurous spirit. Shy is not in her vocabulary and it has no reason to be. She has ample confidence in her petite frame; cheer squad or gymnastics has served it well. I dig that Audrey does not try to be something that she is not. She knows there are plenty out there who love adolescent appeal and she is dishes it out in droves. As Audrey finished jumping around on the catamarans, we saw a security guard approaching in the distance. Oops! Just a few seconds too late. Sorry, Paul Blart.
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She loves tennis
HenryJ - 5 months ago
Love her small and firm ass and legs.
Lasota - almost 2 years ago
Your photo of Audrey, number 34 I think, and indeed those around that photo really show her beauty nicely. Audrey, with the right photographer and setting you beauty really shines.
Dusty Roads - about 2 years ago
She is ok but I really like Belle Knox and Willow Hayes............
TigerWoods - over 4 years ago
class Ass beach!!
andrey1999 - over 4 years ago
I say bring her back too. I like a fuller figure but a cutie like this is always a pleasure to look at.
WayneCon - almost 5 years ago
One of my favorite FTV models. Great to see her here. Please bring her back!
tomk - almost 5 years ago
I like 'em in all shapes and sizes, but for a tight little spinner, this is pretty much perfection.
mkalfus - almost 5 years ago
Thanks Zach, you're a mighty fine drug supplier. These are the best uppers on the market.
axiom49 - almost 5 years ago
not my type... too skinny
haposai - almost 5 years ago
Fantastically sexy girl. Oh, to be young again.
exmentis - almost 5 years ago
What a lovely girl. Great body. Nice butt. Pretty smile. Killer aerial splits. Great update, especially since its my b-day. Hope to see more of this hottie
biged72 - almost 5 years ago
Gorgeous young woman. The leaps and cartwheels were a great idea. I'd love to see her return for future photo shoots.
maxwolf9 - almost 5 years ago
She can fly, she can fly, she can fly!
lnmman - almost 5 years ago
Cute ass.
Johnny Tees - almost 5 years ago
Love this girl!!!
Bogart - almost 5 years ago