Kendra Sunderland Legal Woes
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This is Kendra Sunderland. Kendra is 19 years young. Kendra was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. Kendra smiles a lot. Kendra likes to break the rules. Kendra has a wild and free sexuality. Kendra gives people the benefit of the doubt. Kendra loves her blunts. Kendra's favorite animals are kittens and ferrets. Kendra is a Gemini. Kendra loves to masturbate. Kendra needs money to survive, just like everyone else. Kendra attended Oregon State University until she decided to drop out because she was bored with her classes. The excessive debt that attending OSU incurs was also less than ideal for Kendra. Kendra Sunderland is her real name. Kendra's name will be forever associated with explicit webcamming videos thanks to someone thoughtlessly linking the two publicly online. Kendra made headlines last week for being busted making a sexual video in her college library. Google her name and you can get the deets. Kendra is strong. Kendra will survive. Long live Kendra. Much more of Kendra Sunderland coming soon to Zishy. Song on video: Cass McCombs - Dreams-Come-True-Girl
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