Sarah Rupe Good Hygiene added on Feb 17, 2012

Sarah Rupe Good Hygiene - 1
Sarah is splendid to work with. Her unique look and artistic mind allowed me to take some of the edgiest photos on Zishy. She came into town from New York, where she studies painting and fine art.
Sarah Rupe Good Hygiene - 2
Sarah Rupe Good Hygiene - 3
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This is an old shoot but I don't care for pictures of girls wiping their pee hole.
rockhopper29 - 15 days ago
I dunno why or when it started but damn... I love pale young women
Hornytxn - over 1 year ago
We need her back again now that it's been a few years!
taylorrw0802 - about 2 years ago
Beautiful face, hair and skin! What a beauty!
mrtvcage - about 2 years ago
very mesmerizing
serray - almost 3 years ago
What a unique beauty. We need more of this fine lady.
ItWasn'tMe - over 3 years ago
Reds rule, love the edginess. must have been great fun.
axiom49 - almost 4 years ago
I detect a red head bias. cute girls, bad pics...
moopieb - over 4 years ago
Lovely, I enjoyed the last couple of photos with closeups of Sarah's face and beautiful hair. Brought out that extra sensual beauty of a woman.
geofold - over 4 years ago
Can't wait, zach, love her expressions
Wigglewaff - over 4 years ago
This is one of my fav's. I get to photograph Sarah again in January!
Sharkee - almost 5 years ago