April Grantham Permanent Staycation
added on Jan 30, 2015
April Grantham Permanent Staycation - 1
I once had a job. It was not exactly what I would call a stressful job, and I did work for a great man. Just the same, it was a job and it sucked. I am not saying that you should say fuck-all to your 'career', refuse to sit in front of a computer trying to make other people rich, and just do something that makes you happy. I would never say that. However, it did work for me (so far). And no, my life is not perfect, in fact, very far from it. But most days, even if just for a few moments, you will find something bright from ear to ear on my face. And no one ever confuses it as belonging to someone else. April Grantham hardly ever stops smiling. It appears to be completely natural. I dig that. The song April rocks out to in the video is "Dance Pt. 1" from the Rolling Stones.
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Bonus HD Video Clip

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Gateway : 21 and 27 nice little-girl looks. over 1 year ago
LickingVickyVoss : Hey Zack, really great pick with this one. Nice really nice. Would enjoy more from her about 2 years ago
cybcar : this is the best video to play when you know its the weekend, try it. over 2 years ago
Dickman22 : Hi baby over 2 years ago
teezeme : nice little wet spot on her leotard in the video. yummy about 3 years ago
dufreakjo : One of if not the best page on this site! Her face pic #2, her beautiful bush and curves #42/#43. Her beautiful butt standing by the mirror. The awesome vid of her dancing that butt around. I'm overwhelmed. Fantastic shoot Zishy! over 3 years ago
holdmenowandforever : I'm a huge fan of all of her 'characters'. I love her quirkiness in these sets and her face has really captured my heart! <3 over 4 years ago
greywolf : Great Set !… the Video is just phantasmic … stunning good looking girl .. love that bit of hair … she`s got the move… just love it over 4 years ago
time4play : one of your best...more vids like this. Dancing sexy, showing titties and a little bit of pussy too. Panty teasing etc over 4 years ago
WayneCon : Love the video! I would love to have a staycation with April! over 5 years ago
pale.ale : omfg -- how did I miss this model? wowza! over 5 years ago
bangbang38 : Wow, this lady is just insanely, effortlessly hot over 5 years ago
poinsettia : I want to marry her. over 5 years ago
jimthetruckdriver : Very Nice almost 6 years ago
redlov : best vid ive seen in a long while. great smile and shes enjoying the song! almost 6 years ago
2lapuerta : Hanging from the rafters- Oh, the possibilities...........She's got quite the personality- What fun! almost 6 years ago
amart : best video ever about 6 years ago
Curly : Great Video. Fantastic Rolling Stones Song as well " Dance PT1 " is from the Stones "Emotional Rescue " Cute Chick! about 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : That video is incredible. The best one ever. about 6 years ago
Ignakio : Great video! So cute about 6 years ago
hottyryder : great set Mr Z about 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : As the great thinker and philosopher Plato famously remarked............ "the closer the bone, the sweeter the meat". I personally prefer more full-bodied girls like Chelsea Waltz, but sweet meat is sweet meat and I am a definite consumer. about 6 years ago
maxwolf9 : This girl has some killer dance moves, and she looks amazing in that leotard. So sexy. about 6 years ago
andrey1999 : HORROR"S RED GLASSES FOER CRAZY... about 6 years ago
Weston 11 : I agree with @ericpault- this IS the best video. She looks great in the leotard. She is sexy spunky and can sport an awesome camel toe. More like this! Thanks!! about 6 years ago
axiom49 : Suspenders and glasses. what a cute combo! about 6 years ago
J2P : What an angel! about 6 years ago
moopieb : Nice body. about 6 years ago
brent7779 : WOW sooo sweet might be fav so far about 6 years ago
Jellybean Benito : new favorite about 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : I didn't think the two of you could top the last photo shoot, but you have. This belongs in the Zishy hall of fame. This gets a million thumbs up! about 6 years ago
ericpault : Best video yet! Thank you about 6 years ago
Wowzer : Great set Zach and a bonus video that is a piece of art in its own right! Nice. about 6 years ago
dogfish4987 : Love her! about 6 years ago
DT : Another fantastic set of April. Keep it up (and it does!!). about 6 years ago
Ralurard : Wow, she's so cute! Infectious smile and what a terrific body. about 6 years ago
voyeur13 : I actually prefer your non-adult models. It's much sexier to know they only do this for you. April is one of my favorites! about 6 years ago
ZachVenice : @johnny no I don't think she does about 6 years ago
watfordcamera : About time, longer running Hot video ?, Great body beautiful girl about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : Does anyone know if she does adult? I will buy all her videos if she does! about 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : I want to shave her. about 6 years ago
icefire2035 : amazing about 6 years ago
tagsu3 : love the outfit !!! And dance for me BABY !!!! about 6 years ago
edgarallanpoe : Love the shoot, and her. If there'd been a focused foot shot, this would be perfect. about 6 years ago