Romi And Raylene Bed Bugs Pt 2 added on Jan 26, 2015

Romi And Raylene Bed Bugs Pt 2 - 1
I was first fascinated with Romi and Raylene because they were so similar. I pondered what it must be like to have a duplicate of myself to walk with through life. But after spending time with the twins, I am more fascinated by their differences and how these two individuals work together as a team. In some way, all humans are twins with quite similar DNA, right? We can either let our differences separate us or we can focus on the similarities of our journey. Obviously, I need to give some photographer credits to Romi and Raylene. I believe they are the first people to have snapped photos for Zishy, other than myself.
Romi And Raylene Bed Bugs Pt 2 - 2
Romi And Raylene Bed Bugs Pt 2 - 3
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They are so cute & sexy ! I LOVE the pubic hair.
greasypig - 4 months ago
These two are the reason I joined Zishy ! Awesome !!
greasypig - 4 months ago
One of your best shoots Zach. Fantastic lighting, mood, poses and intimacy
456456a - 5 months ago
think they were on Hegre a couple years ago. rather hot doppelgangers too
PatrynXX - 12 months ago
Looks good!
CART - over 1 year ago
Beyond amazing. More of these two, and more of girls with bush!
Alterion - almost 2 years ago
Good set of photos. Very very nice girls with hairy bush.
Maserlu - over 2 years ago
you can't get these 2 back fast enough for me!
jsquared73 - almost 3 years ago
those boring, bushy twins again. enough now.
rocketeer - over 3 years ago
nice camera
billzish - over 3 years ago
Amazing photo set. This girls are awesome, and I love the natural pubic hair.
maxwolf9 - over 3 years ago
so frikin annoying.
pale.ale - over 3 years ago
@Zapataria : Good question! I believe Romi is in the yellow underwear.
Zach Venice - over 3 years ago
you're on a roll. great models, beautiful photography. bravo!
Zapataria - over 3 years ago
I like these sisters--well, their photographs at least! But a question: which one is Romi and which is Raylene?
princefan79 - over 3 years ago
Twin girls incest- So wrong and yet so hot.
Johnny Tees - over 3 years ago
moopieb - over 3 years ago
Everything Cadeque said is right on the money. This set has so much more mood than your sets usually do. This couldn't be better. Thanks a million, Zach! And thanks a million to Romi and Raylene!
billmurraythebatman - over 3 years ago
This is a glorious photo-session. I'm a girl and though I may be slightly turned on I went through this mostly for the artfulness. There's a bold statement in the way you photographed them, the unshaved bikini-line versus the shaved one, while we are aware that they're twins. The natural lighting is gorgeous, even a little sinister at times, the use of red reminds me of Stanley Kubrick. I think it is the fact that you actually care about taking honest, aesthetically pleasing photography that makes you non-creepy enough to make girls feel so at ease while shooting with you. Thats probably why I ended up showing a lot more than I was planning to when we worked together! You rascal, keep up the good work.
cadeque - over 3 years ago
Those tongues!
amy_celeste - over 3 years ago
Zach. there may come a time in your life when all things are not going well. But, you'll always be able to say. "this happened"
axiom49 - over 3 years ago
andrey1999 - over 3 years ago