Carol Jasabe Take California added on Jan 21, 2015

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Keep it together, Zach. Life could be a hell of a lot worse. Not many people get the permission of girls, like Carol Jasabe, to take them into the Hollywood Hills and photograph them scantily clad. You surely must have done something good in your past life, Zach, because Lord knows you have not been a saint in this one. I never want to hear another complaint out of your cake-hole. I want you to spread the word that these females are worth much more than their outward appearance. They are brave, talented, sympathetic creatures that challenge men to grow emotionally. Zach, I'm gonna check in on you. I know where you live. If you're not on your way to becoming an ultra-feminist in six weeks, you will be dead. Now run on home.
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Zach, I'm new to this site and you are on the verge of being a real artist. These portraits you paint are like a piece of Americana, and you even have your fan base giving intelligent insights -- no small feat given what happens to our brains when we look at these beauties, These girls obviously trust you and a few shoots back when you said they were brave and talented and you were becoming a feminist, keep that up Zach, it's one-of-a-kind, and work on the writing so it gets better and better in the one paragraph you give yourself -- the girls deserve to be seen as multidimensional and human. As for Carol Jasabe, sheer sexual poetry, the girl must wreak havoc out there in the real world.
DKX55 - 5 months ago
Damn, that ass...
randomname - about 1 year ago
She's stunning. Cant get enough of her.
ENERGY1 - over 1 year ago
that's five stars???? Why??????
wink - almost 2 years ago
Sooty, just don't get it. A short, cute Latina girl with a cute butt. That's all.
wink - over 2 years ago
There are tons of beautiful women on this site, but honestly, I was on the fence about joining this site because it's only a slightly "rated R" in terms of nudity. It was Carol Jasabe and Frankie Sedona's inclusion on this site that tipped me over the fence to finally sign up.
delboy - over 3 years ago
agree more like these please
HenryJ - over 3 years ago
Incredible shot of the legs and thighs....instant hard on, almost automatic downpour
tyrosinekinase123 - almost 4 years ago
Oh. My. God.
poinsettia - almost 4 years ago
This woman is the whole package- a stunning figure, a beautiful face, a sexy style and a sexy sense of fun. Carol is one of the top women on Zishy and needs more sets, especially in a bikini.
WayneCon - almost 4 years ago
There is only one word for girl and photo shoot *WOW*
BOBW - almost 4 years ago
Wonderful shoot. Exceeded your already high standards. Well done.
bluestreak - about 4 years ago
out of everything amazing that this gallery is.. i have to know where did that dress come from!
blanco0311 - about 4 years ago
Please give me more of her she is perfection!!!! She is a 10! great body and beautiful face. I love her butt and thick legs
carolfan - about 4 years ago
very nice work Zack love the model
Jonnyninja - about 4 years ago
Awhahaaa! This girl is the bomb. So beautiful. Wow!
Marty - about 4 years ago
If there was a perfect. She is it.
Syndrome - about 4 years ago
yes, she is, what I prefer. Please much more from her.
kleinerwini - about 4 years ago
great…have to agree with perrochileno.
billzish - about 4 years ago
she's perfect.
perrochileno - about 4 years ago
Is she *half* as sweet as she *looks*? Because ... damn.
flaerndip0 - about 4 years ago
Not liking this.
Johnny Tees - about 4 years ago
moopieb - about 4 years ago
What a beauty. Reminds of Gina Lollobrigida In "Hotel Paradiso".
bowfinger - about 4 years ago
If you ever decide to take this outfit and put each of your models into it. I'll back that. But if it's just Carol, then I'll be ok.....I think.
axiom49 - about 4 years ago
Nice work Zach... great use of the light and the tree, but seeing Carol's outline (9 to 13) through that dress is a real treat!
Wowzer - about 4 years ago
The caption says Carol takes California, I don't think she should waste her time doing that, she can come on over to a more sensitive and romantic state...... Texas ....and take it. I will gladly help in her conquest.
rockhopper29 - about 4 years ago
Dream girl through and through. Great setting, Carol is a perfect 10 on pretty, perfect 10 on sexy and level 10 smokin'on hotness.
Voyageart - about 4 years ago
1 word EXOTIC !!!!!
tagsu3 - about 4 years ago
better other girls but dirty!!
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
this Armenian or Iran girl with big black ass??
andrey1999 - about 4 years ago
Such a beautiful girl, and a lovely setting.
maxwolf9 - about 4 years ago
Oh my God...this is one of the absolute hottest women I have EVER seen in life...holy crap this girl is ridiculous... she is Legend status.
Diablo7 - about 4 years ago
WOW! What an incredible shoot this is. Carol is stunning and that dress hugging her fine curves is so very sexy. I love the shots of the sun shinning through the dress. The shots under the tree branch have perfect light shinning through...this is so sexy. 5/5.
Ison13 - about 4 years ago