Erica Rempel Valentines added on Feb 14, 2012

Erica Rempel Valentines - 1
Just a few quick snaps of Erica Rempel to celebrate Cupid's day. She loves chocolate and couldn't wait to dig in! Full pictorials on Erica coming soon.
Erica Rempel Valentines - 2
Erica Rempel Valentines - 3
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Don't people read your intro notes? this set is just a tease and a quick holiday set with more to follow. A cutie worth waiting for BTW.
WayneCon - over 3 years ago
a photo shoot gone wrong, what a waste of time
atj614 - almost 4 years ago
And then...
scorpiohorizon - about 4 years ago
Is this a photo set? Or what?
marcogiacinto - about 4 years ago
Cute girl. wtf with the photos?
moopieb - over 4 years ago
What a lovely Valentine. I wish I was one of those chocolates and be munched on, sweet!!
geofold - over 4 years ago
What is with her fingernails?
MikeDO - over 4 years ago
super cutie
djclogan - over 5 years ago
Love that smile :D
Daigoz - over 5 years ago