Anastasia Black Spinning Class
added on Jan 15, 2015
Anastasia Black Spinning Class - 1
Just before the holidays, my road bike was stolen. It was a good bike that actually transported me from point A to point B when I applied pressure to its pedals and pointed its wheels in the direction of point B. It was much more useful than a spinning cycle. Spinning is an activity where you pay for the privilege to exert yourself on a stationary cycling apparatus in a room with other genteel folk. Often times there is an instructor who, I assume, encourages and/or belittles the class verbally over a PA system, Billy Blanks style. The sweat of you and your classmates collects in pools under the spinning apparatus. In reality, it probably does not sound or look very sexy. But in Zishality, it is intriguing when performed by a 19 year old beauty like Anastasia Black.
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Anastasia Black Spinning Class - 3
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Johnny Tees : Love her sweaty ass in dat sexy ftv sample. over 3 years ago
Parsboi : Love it man. If you ever need another spin studio to shoot in if you're in LA, lemme know! Great creativity here! almost 5 years ago
coldcatz : Totally the best!!!! I like wet!!! almost 5 years ago
Mikejones23 : Where's the video?????? about 5 years ago
phildemis : ooooooph OMG over 5 years ago
james007 : go hardcore over 5 years ago : nice over 5 years ago
davymidnight : Lovely! over 5 years ago
Jscbgddy : Amazing! Love the moist pussy! over 5 years ago
christopher38 : I love all the girls almost 6 years ago
billzish : One of the best yet. almost 6 years ago
maxwolf9 : This girl looks incredible in skimpy athletic wear. almost 6 years ago
Humanicus : Rockhopper consistently leaves the dumbest comments on this site. Great girl. Great set. almost 6 years ago
mcoly : "That sweat is fake. I know because I've seen many sweats in my life." Really, guy? almost 6 years ago
axiom49 : Rock why do you have to go and try to ruin everything? like you said, who gives a shit? almost 6 years ago
pablosoze : Hot woman. Gym cloths. Nice. @Zach: would love some chubbier girls in gym clothes too, if it fits your direction. almost 6 years ago
Johnny Tees : I like this more than the last girl. almost 6 years ago
rockhopper29 : She did not work up a sweat, someone sprayed her upper body with water to create that appearance you notice her legs are not set, someone also the wet the pussy spot on the shorts. Oh well so many things are fake, who gives a shit. Not a bad looking girl. almost 6 years ago
aquaclutz : Pic 30 could be the best you have ever take . Oh, to be that seat... almost 6 years ago
axiom49 : Sweat. I don't like doing it, but i love watching it. She IS inspiring thought. Sorry about the bike Zach. almost 6 years ago
billmurraythebatman : Zach and Anastasia: this is incredible! Gotta have more! almost 6 years ago
Kelevra : Yes lovely ! almost 6 years ago
moopieb : I feel like my penis could take on the Empire all by itself. almost 6 years ago
DenisU : When does she come back? almost 6 years ago
mattfromuk : Incredible bod. almost 6 years ago
DT : More! almost 6 years ago
TheJAY : Dude :) almost 6 years ago
dogfish4987 : Beautiful and amazing! almost 6 years ago
hottyryder : Nice - makes me re-examine my resolutions.. almost 6 years ago
voyeur13 : Very nice! almost 6 years ago
henry88 : Just beautiful. almost 6 years ago
Diablo7 : This girl is outstanding...I just wish there was more of her in this set! Holy crap... almost 6 years ago
gunt : zishality almost 6 years ago
bluestreak : Amazing photoset - I loved Anastasia's athleticism and expressions. almost 6 years ago
Glazzzturtle : Zishy you've done it again. Just great. Would love to see more of this style! almost 6 years ago